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How To Get Rid Of Shower Curtain Mold

When you take a shower, you might notice that there is unusually colored stuff in your shower curtain. These can vary from solidified spilled shampoo or soap residues, or something damp that’s been on it for months. Molds come in many shapes and size. You will notice what it looks like right away but it can be quite tricky to see it the first time, and it might even surprise you that it was there until you really looked at it. It’s quite common for molds to stay on your shower as these fungi grow in damp places, and your shower room is one of the most humid areas in your home.

Shower molds can go really bad if left untreated. They can appear anywhere, anytime. For example, you like to take a hot shower in the morning. The dampness and humidity of the hot water that you bathe with will then allow the mold to grow and multiply until it becomes big enough to be seen by you. Shower molds are bad for your health, as they can cause allergies and other respiratory concerns. You do not want them appearing, especially in areas that are supposed to be hygienic. But do not worry if you got these unwanted things as this article will show you how to get rid of molds on your shower curtain. Follow these steps to get rid of shower curtain mold.

Wash the curtain

The first step in removing molds on your shower curtain is to wash the curtain itself. You can either take out the curtain to launder it or you can simply use the shower head to spray down those molds with high-pressure water. If they are still fresh and new, they will easily come out. But if the molds have been attached to your curtain for a long time, then you might need to treat it with other chemicals.

Use baking soda

Baking soda is a great mold killer. Once you have taken out the shower curtain, simply lay it down on a flat surface. Sprinkle ample amount of baking soda all around the shower curtain, particularly on the area where there are mold clumps. Leave the baking soda to work for a couple of hours. It is best if your let it sit overnight so it will have enough time to kill the mold roots. After the baking soda has finished its work, simply use a scrub to remove the molds then rinse it with water. Follow the cleaning by scrubbing with soapy water. Rinse well and hang to dry.

Use vinegar

Vinegar can also kill molds easily. Simply pour white vinegar on the molds and leave it to be absorbed. Once the molds have taken the vinegar, they will turn into lighter color. This is an indication that the fungi have been killed. Once the molds turn white, you can now scrub it away easily. Wash the curtain with water and soap afterwards. Let dry.

Spray mold killer

If baking soda and vinegar did not work, then you can use commercially-produced mold killers. Simply follow the direction written on the product’s label. Generally, you just have to spray the mold killer directly on the mold clumps, wait for a couple of minutes then rinse the area. Be careful and always take necessary precautions when using chemicals as they may inflict irritation on sensitive skin.

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