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How To Get Rid Of Sinus Infection

Winter is just around the corner and no one wants to be caught unprepared. Having a bad health when winter swings by spells trouble. Why? The immune system can only do so much to protect the body from foreign objects and an unhealthy body is a tad hard protecting. Common stuff like colds and flu often happens around this time and your body needs time to prepare and adjust for the upcoming harsh change in weather. One common problem that often hits a person during cold season comes in the form of sinus infection. Imagine having something like hard liquid glues stuck in your sinus. It’s quite painful and very frustrating.

Many people are often baffled why they become afflicted with sinus infection. While bad unhealthy habits seems to be the number one cause, doctors believe that sinus infection are caused or related to fungi such as yeast infection or something similar to it. Untreated sinus infection is very difficult to live with. You will always have a heavy head, clogged nose and great discomfort. To add to the frustration, even doctors are overly frustrated due to the lack of cure for sinus infection. Like any other ailments, sinus infection is one of the many wait-and-cure types. Nevertheless, there are still some ways you can do to lessen up the burden you feel and quicken your recovery. One common way is nasal irrigation. Here are some steps you can follow to get rid of sinus infection.

Do a nasal irrigation

Nasal irrigation has been known for its efficiency and potency in treating sinus infection. It is done by inserting an end of a pot device in one of the nostrils and letting the water pass through the nasal cavities. If done correctly, it can rid of anything preventing you from breathing normally.

Prepare a neti pot solution

Mix half a teaspoon of coarsely ground salt into lukewarm water inside the neti pot. Lukewarm is your target temperature as hot water can burn you and a tad too cold can be uncomfortable and may have no effect at all. Measure and mix carefully to get the right concentration. Once you do, prepare your neti pot for an immediate use.

Breathe through the neti pot

Tilt your head to the side and begin to insert the neti pot’s end gently into the raised nostril. Do so while sealing the pot and nostril. The solution may clear any mucus lingering within your nostril leaving a refreshed feeling.

Be careful breathing while pouring the solution. Breathe through the mouth and slowly raise the pot so the flow will be gentle and would be less prone to unwanted accidents. If the solution makes its way through your mouth, simply lower your forehead.

Rinse and repeat

When finished, you can clear the nasal passage by simply exhaling firmly. Once done with that one side, tilt your head the other way so the other side can be worked on. Repeat the steps above to your other nostril.

Ask the expert

If you have more concerns about your sinus infection you can go to a doctor and ask him more about it. Also, you can ask for more advice and other alternative treatments like drug prescriptions if you do not prefer the use of neti pot, or if the above method did not work for you.

What worked for you?

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