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How to Get Rid of Spaghetti Stains

Spaghetti is one of the best comfort food available and although they can be a treat to eat, care should be observed when eating it. No need to rush when eating this meal; that is why there is a rule when eating spaghetti. Stick a fork in it and twist until the pasts turns into a roll. No need to sip, because when you do that, you are risking turning a wonderfully delicious dinner into a stain fest.

Spaghetti is just the pasta itself, it’s the sauce that makes the pasta delicious and the most common sauce used for spaghetti is tomato sauce based. We all know how tomato sauce is when it touches any surface; it turns into a hard to remove stain. Most of the time, spaghetti stain getting on your clothes or on the surface happens accidentally.

You don’t need to worry if you get spaghetti stains on your clothes since like most stains out there, you can expect that it can be removed. Don’t be too complacent when dealing with it though since the stain can be permanent if nothing is done about it immediately. If you need help in getting rid of spaghetti stains, you don’t need to look any further since you can find most of the solutions below:

Rinse the fabric through running water

Getting spaghetti stains on your clothes or on a fabric is mostly accidental, most of it happening while you sip on that strand of pasta, but not doing anything about it after you got it is just being negligent. The first thing that you need to do when you get spaghetti stain on a fabric is rinse it under running water. Spaghetti stain that is not treated immediately can penetrate into the fibers of the fabric and can do further damage. By running water on the fabric, it lessens the strength of the stain and would prevent it from digging deeper into the fabric.

A free bleaching solution

If you don’t have any bleach in your house or if you happen to put spaghetti stain on your clothes, you have a free bleaching solution available daily which is the sun. After washing the clothes, you can leave it in an exposed area under the sunlight. The sunlight would gradually render the stain colorless over time. If you worry about the fabric from emitting odor, the sun also acts as disinfectant which kills the germs.

This procedure can also work on other types of material such as plastic. If you’ve placed the sauce in a plastic container, expect to see faded red stains on the surface of the container. You need to wash the container first before exposing it under the sunlight as well.

Use acid

There are a lot of household items that you can use to clean any surface affected by spaghetti stains. Household items that have acidic properties are best when dealing with any kind of stains. If you don’t have any cleaning materials available in your house, you can use vinegar or lemon as the acid mixed with water serves as a natural stain removal. Just scrub the solution onto the stain and leave it on the fabric overnight.

Launder it

Washing with the usual soap and water can also do the trick granted that you have performed the procedures above since they can help lessen the strength of the stain.

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