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How to Get Rid of Standing Water

When you see standing water in an open container, you don’t expect anything dangerous coming from it. The still water seems really harmless until you look closely and see several creatures lingering in it. From that pool of standing water comes different diseases such as malaria and dengue fever which are deadly diseases.

Standing water can be from any source. It may be from water that has been left outside the house for a long period of time. It can be from the roof drain which has been blocked by leaves or other substances. Once you get standing water, you are guaranteed that there will be several creatures that will live on it.

Getting rid of standing water shouldn’t be that hard since all you have to do is just throw them away. However, there are things that you need to consider first since the problem may just get worst which can lead to consequences that you may regret later. Here are some of the things that you can do to get rid of standing water safely:

Get rid of the inhabitants first

You may want to check the water first if there are any inhabitants living on it. By inhabitants, we mean these are insect larva such as the ones from mosquitoes. When you see them, you may want to kill them first before getting rid of the water. Go check for different possible sources such as tire ruts, ditches, rain gutters and flower pot bottoms. If you see that there are insects living in it, you can put insecticide on the water as long as it is in a container. This will kill the insects living in the container.

Make sure that it doesn’t go to a bigger body of water

When you throw the water away, you may want to make sure that they do not go anywhere close to a body of water which can ruin it. This is especially true if there are insect larvae that lives in the small container that you will throw away. They will further breed in a larger body of water which can make the condition worst, exacerbating things.

When you dispose of standing water, make sure that they go to dry land and do it on a sunny day. This will guarantee that the standing water will dry up faster than normal. The best part is that the insects will never get to grow as the heat can kill them.

Wear protective gear

Standing water can be very dirty and you should wear proper gear when getting rid of them. If you have to get something out of the water, it is a good idea to wear gloves before dunking your hand in it.

Remove drain obstacles

You may want to check the rain gutter on your roof to check if there is anything blocking the drain. This can be the hardest part of removing standing water from this part of the house. Get a ladder and then see if the gutters are blocked. You should also wear protective gears and use appropriate equipment to make sure that the drain is cleared allowing the water to flow to the ground. Always check if the water goes through the other end of the pipe so you can be sure that the inside of the pipe is also not clogged.

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