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How to Get Rid of Sticky Labels

Making things organized is a big part of being efficient since it helps us save time when looking for things. There are different ways people organizes their belongings, some would sort their belongings and would name it so they wouldn’t forget what is in a particular container. When putting names on containers and other items, a person usually use labels.

Labels can be taped while other people would rather do it the easier way by using stickers. These are known as sticky labels and they are perfect for placing labels on items as they do not come off easily. Now that benefit is also its greatest problem. When you use sticky labels and you want to replace it with another one, you may end up ruining the surface or leave marks of adhesives in the area.

Getting rid of sticky labels can be as simple as removing stickers but there are certain things that you need to consider to make sure that you do not damage the surface. To help you remove the sticky labels, here are some of the things that you can do. This will help prevent any marks or leftovers caused by adhesives.

Check what type of material the label is on

Before you remove a sticky label, you should identify the type of material the surface is made of. By checking this first, you would get an idea what type of method you can use that will not damage the surface. Once you identify the material, you are one step closer in removing the sticky label from the surface. Remember not to be brash nor careless when dealing with sticky labels if you don’t want your precious surface scratched.

Use chemical lubricants for leftover adhesives

There are chemical lubricants that are commonly used for gears and machines which helps loosen these parts a bit to be able to move a lot easier. These substances can be used to remove sticky labels as well. You can use the first step of the tips provided since you would want to identify what material the label is stuck on. After identifying it, you can simply spray the chemical to the surface and leave it on there for 2 to 3 minutes and wipe the remainder of the adhesive with a piece of cloth until the adhesive marks are gone.

Use common household items for lubrication

When you use lubricants to remove adhesives, the main idea is to loosen the stickiness of the label. if you don’t have industrial chemical lubricants lying around your house, you can try using common household items such as cooking oil. Cooking oil can be used and the effects is just as the same when you use chemical lubricants. You can apply it on the surface and leave it on there for a good 2 minutes before wiping it with a piece of cloth just like what you do when you use chemical lubricants.

Soften the adhesive

One of the many advantages of using adhesives is that they can dry up pretty easily. Once they do, they will bond to the surface. If you happen to make a mistake in bonding the labels incorrectly though, this can be a problem. If this happens, you can heat up the adhesive to loosen it up a bit which can help you remove it fairly easily. You can use blow dryer to make sure that the label is properly removed without leaving any adhesive mark.

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