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How To Get Rid Of Tartar On Teeth

Everyone wants to have crystal white teeth. If you have a beautiful set of teeth, you will always be confident to give anyone and everyone with a big smile. Clean, white teeth not just give you confidence but it also make your personality radiate. But how can you greet the world with a lovely smile if your teeth are full of plaque and tartar?

Plaque and tartar are common tooth problems that a lot people battle with, especially young children. Your mouth, teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums, most likely have a lot of bacteria. If you do not observe proper oral hygiene, these bacteria will accumulate and can even stick on your teeth, causing plaque and tartar build up. Tartar is unsightly and is a major turn-off for everyone. So if you cannot flash a smile because your teeth have hardened clumps of bacteria, here are some things you can do to get rid of tartar on teeth.

Brush your teeth regularly and properly

If you do not want to have a mouth full of plaque and tartar, what you need to do is to brush your teeth regularly and properly. If you think that brushing alone, about three times a day is enough to remove those tartar on your teeth, then you are wrong. Of course, you will need to know the proper ways on brushing your teeth. Because even if you say that you clean your mouth every after meal, a 10-second teeth brushing is not enough.

To be able to say that you are brushing your teeth properly, what you need to do is to use a toothbrush and tartar-control toothpaste that is recommended by the dentist. You should also take your time when brushing your teeth. Brush up and down all the sides of your teeth. Be sure that your toothbrush is able to reach all your teeth. Then, rinse your mouth with water.

Consider a specialty toothpaste

The over the counter toothpaste that you generally purchase at the drug store may not be enough.  Instead, you may want to consider purchasing a higher end toothpaste that focuses more on getting rid of tartar problems.  For example, a highly rated product such as the Tom’s of Maine Natural toothpaste retails for around $2 to $4 a tube.

Use mouthwash

Mouthwash itself does not remove the tartar build up but it can prevent tartar from building up. Plaque and tartar are basically made up of bacteria that have formed together. And if from the start you are trying to kill the bacteria in your mouth with a mouthwash, then you would not have to suffer from having tartar on your teeth.  There are specialized mouth washes out there that focus solely on tartar control.  Be sure to use this mouthwash after every brushing session.

Floss your teeth

Flossing is as essential as brushing your teeth or gargling with mouthwash. There might be tiny food particles that the toothbrush was not able to remove or the mouthwash was not able to flush out. So to make sure that no food residue is stuck on your teeth, you should use dental floss after brushing. To avoid hurting your gums, floss your teeth slowly and gently.

Purchase disclosing tablets

These tablets are great for those that want to know where the tartar build up is on their teeth.  These tablets are primarily known to be used for kids, but adults can use them as well.  What you’re going to want to do is chew a tablet and ring with water.  These tablets will then make your teeth pink wherever there is plaque present.

Use dental picks

Dental picks works like dental floss but the latter is supposed to go only on the gutters in between your teeth. The dental picks are thin sticks that you can use to dig up any food that has been buried into your teeth. If you cannot take out food residues using dental floss, then try using dental picks instead or both.

Go for a regular cleaning

Brushing your teeth can prevent plaque and tartar build ups but it still advised that you visit the dentist regularly and have a professional teeth cleaning treatment. To avoid experiencing teeth and mouth problems, make it a habit to go for oral check up at least two times a year.

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