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How To Get Rid Of Tight Muscles

Nothing is more important than health and wellness. At all times, the body must be kept fit and strong because every day, you need to work in order to accomplish your tasks; in order to survive. However, even though the body is made to be strong, there are just those times when the body fails to endure too much physical activities. For example, if you are doing a household chore, or playing some sport with your friend, you might experience getting tight muscles. Tight muscles can be characterized by that sudden stiff and rigid feeling your body which hinders you from moving without experiencing pain. Tight muscles are usually caused by muscle overuse, strain and stress, unhealthy physical condition, bad posture and many more. But no matter what the cause is, tight muscles must be treated.

Having tight muscles is just plain bothersome. You will not be able to finish your daily tasks if you are complaining for pain brought about by tight muscles. Aside from the pain, your movements will also be limited because you will experience muscles weakness and temporarily lose sense of control over some parts of your body. Because of the disadvantages of having tight muscles, you should treat this condition once you acquire it. Here are some things you can do to get rid of tight muscles.

Relax your muscles

Relaxing can help loosen up your tight muscles. Once you feel the cramp attacking, take a sit and just relax your muscles. Sometimes, tightening of muscles only happen for a few minutes. Just relax the body part where the tight muscle is and you might be able to restore your muscle’s normal condition after just a few minutes.

Take a hot bath

A hot bath can help soothe up your tight muscles. Simply fill up the tub with hot water or jump in the shower. The water’s temperature and the pressure as well will help calm down your stiff muscles.

If hot bath is not necessary, you can also just use hot compress and apply it on the body part with tight muscles.

Apply analgesic ointment

Analgesic ointment will give that burning and cooling feeling that can give you instant pain relief. Simply rub the analgesic ointment all over the area where the tight muscle is. Leave the analgesic ointment to work. Re-apply if needed.

Massage it

Massaging is another great way to get rid of tight muscles. While rubbing some oil or the analgesic ointment mentioned above, you can massage and apply pressure on the area. This will release the tension in your muscles. You can also ask a friend or relative to help your massage the tight muscles. If it feels too painful, you can spend some cash for a deep, relaxing massage at the spa.

Stretch it up

When get tight muscles, and then you would have to loosen it up. One common way to get your muscle going again and to prevent tight muscle occurrence is to do some stretching. Stretching increases the flexibility of your body so it counters the stiffness of tight muscles. Simply stretch out your body part that is attacked by the tight muscles.

Stretching is an important part of one’s daily routine. It helps set up the body before a strenuous activity. When you wake up in the morning, you can try to do some stretching so that your body will be more pliable.

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