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How To Get Rid Of Tingling In Hands

Do you often experience that tingling feeling in your hands? Does it give you that pins-and-needles sensation? Experiencing tingling in hands is actually a common occurrence. There are various reasons behind it but the most common one is due to nerves. When the nerves in the body are pinched, they stop sending messages to the body; hence, you get the numbing and tingling feeling. Pinched nerves often attack the legs and the arms because these are the body parts that are often under pressure. Other causes of this sensation are stress, lack of nutrition, hormonal change and nerve damage.

Whatever the cause of this tingling sensation may be, you should try to get rid of it because it may give you that uncomfortable feeling, not to mention that it can prevent you from finishing your tasks. Although pins-and-needles sensation generally last for a few minutes only, there is nothing wrong with speeding up your recovery from the tingling feeling. Here are some things you can do to get rid of tingling in hands.

Let it go away on its own

Tingling in hands actually goes away by its own. It usually just lasts for a couple of minutes and then the feeling subsides. If it is just a rare case for you, then just relax your hands and ensure that you are not putting pressure into it. In just a few minutes, you will gain control of your hands.

Change your position

If you are in a position that cuts off the blood circulation in your hands, then you can just change your position to allow the blood to flow properly. For example, if you are on your side with your arm as your pillow, the weight of your head might be putting too much pressure on your arm, cutting of the nerve signals. When this happens, you may get that numbing and ticklish feeling in your hands.

Massage your hands

Massaging your hands will regulate the blood circulation in your hands. So if you are having this tingling sensation in hands, simply massage it gently, but firmly to enable the blood to flow easily.

Follow a proper diet

If you lack the vitamins and nutrients needed by your body, then your blood circulation may be tampered with, which can result to frequent sensations of tingling in your arms. To keep your body mechanisms in regulation, eat proper diet consisting of many fruits and vegetables. Increasing your B-vitamin intake will also greatly help you fight this tingling sensation.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can help your nerves become stronger. With proper workout regimen, you will be able to lessen the frequency of tingling sensations in your hands. Do some simple work out and stretching at least half an hour everyday to prevent experiencing this inconvenient sensation.

Consult a doctor

While tingling in hands is not a serious condition, there are some cases when it becomes an indication of a serious underlying illness. If you often feel this pins-and-needles sensation in your hands, then there might be something wrong with your body. You might already be affected with different nerve problems and damages. In order to fix this, you should consult a doctor to be diagnosed properly. The doctor will give you the proper advice and treatment for your tingling hands. At worst cases, you will need to undergo surgical treatments to correct this problem.

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