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How to Get Rid of Tree Stumps

Trees, in general, should be left alone. We reap several benefits from trees for us to just cut them down and kill them. But there are times when we do need to cut down trees especially if we have to renovate our property. In cutting trees, we chop it at the lowest point, meaning there will still be a small remainder of the tree which is what we call tree stumps.

Tree stumps are basically what’s left in the tree after you cut them down. Tree stumps are not very good to look at and this is a good reason why we need to get rid of it. If you removed the tree to place a walkway, the tree stump will be on the way. It can cause injuries as well since tree stumps can trip you if they are unnoticed.

The difficulty in removing tree stumps vary. It will depend on how big the roots of the tree is. The job itself can be tough but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do. Tree stumps can be removed by yourself or by hiring a professional. To make sure that you are guided on what to do with the tree stumps, you can read along and start hacking your way to a clearer yard:

You can remove them manually

Before you start attempting to remove tree stumps, it is suggested that you gear up. Wear protective gears such as gloves and steel toe boots. You need to get high quality tools that are designed for heavy duty work if you plan to remove the tree stump all by yourself. Safety is mandatory if you are going to do a heavy duty work with a lot of different machineries.

Dig around the tree stump to identify where the roots are. You can use a mattock grub hoe to cut through the roots and use a landscape bar to pry stumps as well as large rocks out of the ground. If you are tempted to use equipment not designed for this type of work, forget about it since it can cause you more harm rather than actually accomplishing your job.

Hire a professional stump remover

If you don’t feel comfortable removing the tree stump yourself, then it may be time to hire someone that can do the job for you. There are a lot of contractors that can remove the stump but remember that they come at a cost. But consider the benefits of hiring stump removers since they will use their own equipment and can remove the tree stump in no time. This is considered to be feasible for those who have bigger tree stumps to remove.  Websites such as can help you find a great stump remover in your area.

Leave them alone if they do not bother you

Tree stumps can generally be left alone if they are not in the way of your walkway or they do not pose any danger that can injure you while you walk around your yard. As a matter of fact, there are people that prefer to transform tree stumps as benches or tables. This is simply done by cutting the tree at a higher point, preferably as high as a normal chair. So if you are not building a walkway and it doesn’t get in the way, try to get the most out of the tree stump by using them as a functional table or bench.

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