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How To Get Rid Of Vaseline Stain

Clothes and fabrics are such fragile things. One little rip and you need a needle and string to patch it up. One little stain and it’s off to the hamper. One little fold, ironing it is required to make it look decent again. People do everything they can to keep their clothes clean. But as you may know, things happen unexpectedly. Some things that are meant to help one thing may end up hurting another. This is especially true for vaseline. While a product like vaseline may seem so harmless, there are some things that it can damage and turn into a disaster. Vaseline is useful, but can be of great annoyance when miused or accidentally applied into fabric.

Vaseline is the brand name for a petroleum jelly product. It is commonly used to soothe and protect dry skin. While it is true that vaseline is good for your skin, they can be the bane of any form of clothing because one tiny drop on any fabric, and the thing becomes a nightmare to remove. Vaseline can stain your clothes and stay there until you choose to do something about it. Even the powerful laundry detergents we see on TV may seem powerless against the nightmare that is vaseline stain. This is due to the oily properties of the jelly. Detergent is not meant to deal with the oily, slippery stuff. So you ask, how do you get rid of vaseline stain? If you treat them with a little extra care and follow these steps, it would be a good way to start your counterattack against the stuff that stained your clothing.

Scrape off vaseline

Using a blunt knife, scrape off any visible Vaseline that form the surface of the stain. Be careful not to damage the fabric using the knife. Also, make sure you are careful not to cut yourself because a blunt knife is still a knife after all.

Dish soap

Use liquid dish soap and squirt a few drops on the stained area. Rub the fabric together. Be gentle when rubbing them as you might damage the fabric fibgers. This will create friction along with the dish soap’s property that will lessen the stain. For a more effective result, use dish soap with degreasing properties, as Vaseline has oily properties. After removing the Vaseline and applying liquid dish soap to the stained area, rinse it with clean water.


Wet a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and use it to rub the stain. The alcohol’s properties will soften the strength of the stain, making it easier to take off.

Hot water

Using the hottest water available that won’t damage the fabric, feed that piece of clothing in the washing machine and wait for it to finish.

Repeat again

Before drying the fabric, check for any sign of stain in it and make sure that there are none left. If there are still Vaseline in your clothing, use dish soap and rubbing alcohol to treat that area and feed it to the machine once more.

Vaseline is a hassle to getoff  into any fabric. Not only will it look filthy, but it will be hard to take off. Follow these simple steps to rid your clothing of any Vaseline and return your favorite cloth to its new and fresh state.

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