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How To Get Rid of Vinegar Flies

Do you have food leftovers just lying around your house? DO you keep a fruit bowl in your table that has almost rotten fruits? If you there are food, particularly fruits, around your home that are left to just rot, then you are attracting vinegar flies or more commonly known as fruit flies. Where there are accessible foods, there are vinegar flies. They are usually found in places like wet markets, restaurant and diners and your very own household. Once these vinegar flies gain access to your house, they probably will linger there for a long time unless you do something about it.

Removing vinegar flies around is generally easy. The treatment for other type of flies basically is just the same when removing vinegar flies from your home. However, they can still bring you a difficult time especially if the vinegar flies have invited a big horde to invade your house. So even before they contaminate all your foods and bring disease-causing germs to your family, you should try to fight these flies. Here are some things you can do to get rid of vinegar flies.

Remove the exposed foods around

The very reason why vinegar flies may be visiting you is because of the foods lying around. Consequently, if you get rid of these exposed foods, then the vinegar flies will have no more reason to pester you. If you have a fruit bowl, you should always check if the fruits are already rotting. Also, it is best to cover up the food in the table or just place your leftovers inside the refrigerator. If you take care of a pet, always keep that your pet’s food bowl is clean after it has taken its meal.

Lure them in a trap

A common trap used for vinegar flies is a jar with rotting fruit. Just place a fruit inside a jar. Then cover the top of the jar with some paper or plastic and just punch one small hole into it. Place the jar near the nesting area of the vinegar flies. Once the flies see the fruit they will try to make their way inside the jar and then, it will be harder for the vinegar flies to get out of the jar. Just be sure to check the jar every few hours to see the trapped flies. Then, throw them away and make another trap if there are still vinegar flies remaining.

Poison them

Another trap you can do is to combine a delicious sweet treat with some ground pepper. Simply heat up and combine some milk and sugar. The sweet taste of the two will be very delicious for those vinegar flies. Then, add some ground pepper into it. This will infuse the poisonous taste for the flies. Put the mixture in a shallow container and offer it to the flies. They will feast on this and eventually die.

Place around fly traps

Fly traps can be bought in the grocery shop. Simply follow the instruction on how to use the traps and set them up around your home. Just leave the traps to work but remember to check them regularly to see if any vinegar fly has been caught.

Spray insecticide

If all else fails, you can choose to use chemical-based vinegar flies killer. Just get an insecticide and treat your home with it. Follow the instructions carefully to get rid of the vinegar flies effectively.

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