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How To Get Rid of Violin Hickey

The violin is a great instrument. Its classical tune is just soothing to the ears. But while listeners enjoy the sound of violin, violinists do not always have an easy time playing this instrument. First and foremost, it takes patience, lots of practice and dedication in order to master violin. But aside from the challenging violin lessons, there are also physical injuries that a violinist can encounter. If you play the violin, you may have encountered getting calluses on your fingers, but this problem can actually go away in just a few months. The worst thing you can get from playing violin that will appear and disappear as long as you play the instrument is an unwanted skin mark that is most commonly known as violin hickey.

Violin hickey is a bruise-like mark that appears in a violinist’s neck and chin. It is called violin hickey basically because it is much like a hickey that is caused by playing violin. It appears because of the decreased blood flow to the neck area because of the weight and pressure caused by the violin. The treatment for violin hickey is actually just the same with any other kiss mark. If you have recently acquired this mark, here are some things you can do to get rid of violin hickey.

Apply cold compress

As soon as you see the violin hickey forming, the first thing you should do is to apply cold compress to it. This will help in stopping the growth of the hickey. Just get an ice pack or a cloth dipped in ice water and press it on the violin hickey. Once the blood vessels react to the temperature, it will constrict so the size of the violin hickey will not get any bigger. Treatment with cold compress for about 15 minutes will be enough.

Soothe with warm compress

After stopping the growth of the violin hickey with the cold compress, you can now soothe it with warm compress. The warm compress will now help lessen the swelling of the violin hickey. It will also help regulate the blood flow in your neck area again, thus, the blood that has formed the violin hickey may be able to circulate again properly. Simply apply warm compress, or a heated tea bag or a cloth soaked with warm water on the violin hickey for a couple of minutes. Repeat if necessary.

Massage the area

Massaging the area will also promote the blood flow in your neck. Gently massage it with your hands or ask someone to help you rub the area so the blood can flow rapidly and also, in order that the violin hickey will be less visible. Aside from massaging with your hands, you can also use a hair brush to massage the area. Simply brush up the area to stimulate the blood vessels.

Cover it up

It may take time before violin hickey can disappear so if you need to hide it right away, then you can go for clothing that covers up your neck like turtlenecks or you can wear a scarf. You can also put on some concealer to even out the color of your skin. Just be sure to apply the concealer properly because it might get patchy and even worsen the appearance of your violin hickey.

Use the proper shoulder rest

When playing the violin, you can lessen the appearance of violin hickey if you use the proper shoulder rest. Shoulder rests are accessories that you can attach on the violin in order to make it more comfortable to handle. Just visit the local music shop to get a violin shoulder rest.

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