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How To Get Rid Of Walnut Caterpillars

Ever wonder how people get by in today’s world? Most of them occupy themselves with work. Some lay around the house to be couch potatoes. Others stare at their computer screen all day to IM and chat with online friends. There are many things one can do when boredom reaches its peak. For instance, gardening can be considered a hobby because there isn’t any other feeling like the one when you know you’ve accomplished something. Whether its trees or plants, gardening can keep a person committed to something for months to come. But, like any other hobbies, people often run in to trouble and it doesn’t usually end well unless taken care of properly.

This article talks about a particular gardening problem. Of course, this fully depends if you are growing walnut trees on your property. This problem usually occurs sometime within fall. It’s a great season for baking and owning a black walnut tree. It will provide you with free ingredients for such a delicacy in October. Not only are they great addition to your chocolate chip cookies, but they will add a unique, yet tasty sweetness to your homemade pies and other baked foods. You can even eat them as is and they will give you lots of Omega 3 fatty acids which are very healthy body chemicals. Of course, humans are not the only ones who think black walnut is great. Caterpillars also love them! The walnut caterpillar will turn your delicious homemade pies into empty homemade shells that taste bland. If left for a long time in your precious tree, walnut caterpillars will bring you big nuisance. Here is a safe way to rid your trees of those pesky walnut insects:

Insecticidal soap

You may want to purchase insecticidal soap and other insect-removing products to get rid of walnut caterpillars. Mix 3 quarts of insecticidal soap in 1 quart of water and place them in the bucket. You can also make your own insecticidal mixture by mixing in some garlic, peppers, soap and water together.

Manual removal

This is a daunting method but if much effort is put into it, those pesky caterpillars will vanish before you. Walk around each tree late in the evening and brush any visible caterpillars you can find into the bucket manually. Examine the trunk area carefully, as the larvae loves to camp there. As they fall off the ground scoop off any other pests you can find into the bucket. Use a ladder if necessary.

For the dark-streaked infected husks and shells, drop them in a vat full of hot water and remove the dead maggots manually.

Bug zapper

Hanging a bug zapper during mid-summer will keep the egg-laying yellow and brown flies away from your precious trees. You can just buy bug zappers in your local gardening store.

Horticultural oil

The horticultural oil that can be purchased at your local gardening store should be applied to the trees from which you removed caterpillars from.

Follow these simple but daunting steps, and the reward shall be a delicious baked delicacy for you to enjoy.  Once you get rid of walnut caterpillars, you will be able to smile again when you look at that big walnut tree in your yard. You can also try these steps in getting rid of other tree insects in general.

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