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How To Get Rid Of Wax On Your Clothes

Are you tired of dealing with stubborn wax on your clothes? Have you tried washing your clothes two, three times and the wax stays unmoved? Wax is made up of a strong bond of chemicals that is why it is quite difficult to be removed with just a regular washing. In fact, wax is not soluble in water at all. Usually, you need to do some intervention to remove the wax from your clothes.

If you knocked down that dinner table candle, dealt with bees and their beeswax or you just accidentally stained your cloth with petroleum wax, you should try to remove the wax on your clothes right away. If you let the wax sit for long on a fabric, it will be harder to remove. These are some tips that can help you on how to get rid of wax on your clothes.

Scrape off the wax

Using a blunt knife or just a plain spoon, scrape off the wax from the cloth. Remove as much wax as you can, because the lesser the wax on the fabric is, the easier it will be to remove.

The ironing method

One of the most common and easy ways to get rid of wax on your clothes is to use an iron. First, grab a sheet of craft paper or cut a piece of brown paper bag. Then, place it on top of the stained clothing. Heat up an iron and when it is warm enough to melt the wax, place the tip of the iron against the paper and the wax beneath it. Press the iron against the waxed area for a couple of seconds until the wax has completely melted. After that, lift the craft paper. Most of wax should be transferred from the fabric to the paper.

Use denatured alcohol

Denatured alcohol is a solvent that is effective with wax. It is basically ethyl alcohol with poisonous chemical components. TO remove the wax using denatured alcohol, just rub a small amount of it over the wax on your cloth. Let the denatured alcohol react with it for a few minutes. Then, get a sponge dipped in clean water. Dab it on the area to remove the remaining stain.

Hot and cold water

Another alternative that can take away wax from the clothes is to use hot and cold water. First, submerge the cloth in cold water. While soaking the cloth, boil some water in a pot. Once the hot water is ready to go, place the cloth in the sink and pour the hot water on the cloth, particularly on the wax stained area. The heat from the water will melt the wax, making it easier to remove. Once the wax has been washed away, you can just clean your cloth as you normally would.

Oxygen-based cleaner

Wax is made up of carbon so you need something to counter its chemical contents. That element is oxygen. There are oxygen-based cleaners that you can readily buy in most stores. Instead of using your regular detergent, you can use this in cleaning up your wax stained cloth instead. Just get a basin and fill it with warm water. Add the oxygen-based cleaner into it. Then, soak the waxed cloth in the solution over night. Rinse it well with detergent soap and water the next morning.

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