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How To Get Rid Of Wedding Ring Mark

A wedding ring is most probably one of the most important treasures that a person will keep his whole life through. Of course, aside from being just a ring, it signifies that very memorable moment of one’s life and it serves as a constant reminder of his love for his partner. However, though this little thing is often considered as a worthy treasure, it can also cause headache to the person who owns it. So what is one instance when a wedding ring becomes annoying and bothersome? That is when this tiny wedding ring leaves a mark on the skin.

Wedding ring marks are very common. Since most couples keep their wedding rings on their fingers 24/7, 365 days a year, it is actually not shocking to see those marks around the finger after the wedding ring has been taken off. So if you are one of those persons who have been victimized by wedding ring mark, you are most probably having a hard time trying to get rid of it now. Well, wedding ring mark have the tendency to linger on your skin for a while so to help you get rid of them fast, here are some things that you can do.

Wash and exfoliate

There are actually just two types of common wedding ring mark. The first one is wedding ring stains, usually green in color, from the jewelry you are wearing, and the other is tan line from the prolonged wearing of the jewelry. If you are dealing with wedding ring stains, then it is enough to just wash and exfoliate your hands regularly. This will speed up the removal of the stain from your skin. The more often you exfoliate, the faster your skin cells will be renewed, so the skin area where the stain is will be removed and replaced in just a short time.

Rub some lemon

Lemon is strongly acidic. This powerful acid content of the lemon can easily break up mild stains. So if you have unwanted wedding ring mark on your fingers, you can just slice up a small piece of lemon and rub this around your finger. Leave it for a few minutes and then wash with mild soap and clean water. You can do this treatment regularly for some days until the wedding ring mark has been removed.

Apply tanning cream or spray

If you have been wearing your wedding ring for a long time, you are most likely to encounter tan lines on your finger. This is because the part where the ring used to be is covered for a long time so it stays whiter than the rest of your skin. So if you want to get rid of the tan line, you can just get some tanning cream or use tanning spray and apply it evenly on the wedding ring mark. This should work almost instantly so that the whiter part of your skin will blend in with the skin tone of the rest of your body. However, be careful in applying tanning creams so that you will not get a worse skin discoloration.

Just wait

If all else fails, then you probably should just wait. Wedding ring mark will fade in time. Although for how long it will stay is quite unsure. So just keep on repeating the methods given above, be patient and just wait until it goes away.

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