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How To Get Rid Of Yahoo Toolbar

One of the most convenient tools that Yahoo offers its users is the Yahoo Toolbar. The Yahoo Toolbar is usually attached in the browser that you use. While this feature is very helpful, it also has its downsides. For one reason, Yahoo Toolbar eats up a space in your computer, making your computer process slowly. Although the memory that the Yahoo Toolbar takes up may be immaterial with new computers and processors, it is another story with an old, packed computer model.

If you are tired of your slow internet connection, you can slightly speed it up by removing the Yahoo Toolbar. But, because of its benefits, most people just opt to disable it, instead of deleting the whole feature. Whether your want to hide it or delete the thing, there are various methods that you can do to get rid of it temporarily or permanently. Here are some helpful tips on how to get rid of Yahoo Toolbar.

Look for the uninstall button

The Yahoo Toolbar can be easily removed from your list of programs and utilities through the use of uninstall button. All you have to do is open your browser and find the uninstall button that can be found in the Yahoo Toolbar itself. Once e you have clicked the uninstall button, you will be prompted by a dialogue box. All you have to do is follow the instruction that will come up when you choose to uninstall your toolbar with the use of its user-friendly uninstall button.

Uninstall from the Control Panel

Another method of removing the Yahoo Toolbar from your computer is to remove it via the Control Panel. Just locate the Control Panel on your computer. You can click on the Start button, go to Setting and click on the Control Panel. On the Control Panel page, you will see a lot of controls. Find the Add/Remove Programs icon and click on it. Choose the Change or Remove Programs then all the programs installed in your computer will appear, including the Yahoo Toolbar. Just find the Yahoo Toolbar on the list and click on it. You will see buttons appearing beside the icon and you should choose the uninstall button. Simply wait until the process is completed and restart your computer.

Uninstall through the Internet Browser

You can find the Yahoo Toolbar when you open your internet browser. Look on the upper portion of the window and you will see the Yahoo Toolbar among the menus and buttons of your browser. In the Menu Bar, open Tools and click on Manage Add-ons or Add-ons, depending on your internet browser. All your browser add-ons will appear in a list and just click on the Yahoo toolbar. You will see two options which are to uninstall or to just disable. If you want to remove the toolbar permanently, click uninstall. But if you just want to disable it temporarily, click on disable.

Disabling through Task Manager

The Task Manager lists all the programs, activities and processes of your computer. You will be able to see detailed information about your active programs through the use of Task Manager. On your keyboard, you can just press Alt + Ctrl + Del altogether. After you have pressed these keys, you will see a new dialogue box. Just find the Yahoo Toolbar from the list that will come up to close the Yahoo Toolbar.

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