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How To Get Rid Of Raccoon Eyes From Tanning

A beautiful, glowing, tanned skin can make heads turn. For this reason, many people feel the urge to hop on tanning beds to achieve the tanned skin that they have always wanted. However, the use of tanning beds is not really healthy. For safety measures, people who use tanning beds are required to equip themselves with tanning goggles. This is to prevent the UV rays from damaging the tanner’s eyes.

The use of tanning goggles, although meant for safety, can leave a person with hideous raccoon eyes. These “raccoon eyes” are those untanned circles around the eyes that have been covered with tanning goggles. If you have experienced using a tanning machine and getting raccoon eyes, you probably know how embarrassing they can be. So if you want to solve raccoon eye problems, here are some things you can do to hide and get rid of raccoon eyes from tanning.

Use a concealer

A concealer is a makeup must-have. It helps in hiding those unwanted marks on your face such as the raccoon eyes. To conceal the uneven tone, simply apply concealer to your eyelids. It might be best if you choose a concealer shade that has a lighter color than your real skin tone so that it will blend to your eyelids easily.

Apply foundation

Applying foundation on your face can help even out your skin color. Find a foundation that has the same tone as your skin or something that is slightly lighter. Lightly dab the foundation around your eye and blend it using your finger. When you have covered the raccoon eye, continue blending the foundation to the rest of your face so that the tanned skin and the raccoon eyes will be even-toned. For a better shade, dust your face with translucent powder.

Light eyeshadow

Another make up trick that you can do to hide those raccoon eyes is to use light eyeshadow. Choose eyeshadow that is the shade of beige and simply apply it on your lids. Sweep the eye shadow and blend it so that the raccoon eye area is entirely covered. Eyeshadow is a tad bit harder to blend than concealer and foundation, but it can also give the same result.

Go for smoky eyes

If you are going on an extravagant night out, you might want to apply smoky eyeshadow. The smoky eyeshadow look requires you to use different shades of makeup blended together. This effect can help conceal those raccoon eyes and tan lines. So if you need to dress up for a glam party, applying the smoky eye technique will conceal that raccoon eyes that you want to hide.

The right type of goggles

If you are using tanning goggles that have straps, you might want to change the goggles that you use. The straps of tanning goggles can leave tan lines on around your eyes, giving you a more evident pair of raccoon eyes. Choosing strapless UV tanning goggles can help in minimizing the tan lines around your eyes. Also, when you are in a tanning bed, you might want to reposition your tanning goggles every few minutes so that the tan lines will be less visible after you have finished your tanning session.

Specialty creams

There are many specialty eye creams that are designed to help you get rid of raccoon eyes. You can find these creams in almost every health and beauty shops. Some are cheap and some are rather expensive. When you buy specialty eye creams, do not just decide based on price. You must check out first which is proven to have the best effects. Before you hit the shop to buy, you can research about several types of eye creams on the Internet.

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