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How To Get Rid Of Vacuum Cleaner Smell

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most common household cleaning equipments. They are very useful and handy in maintaining the cleanliness of your home. If you have dust here and there, all you have to do is to turn on the vacuum cleaner and suck that dirt. But what if the vacuum cleaner that you are using removes the dirt but leave an unwanted odor? Would you rather use it to clean up the floor and tolerate the bad smell or just let the dirt accumulate? How about removing the dirt and the odor as well?

Vacuum cleaner smell is just a simple problem that can be solved easily. There are many things that you can do to lessen the bad odor that it gives off, so do not worry if your vacuum cleaner starts to smell. If you want to get rid of vacuum smell, here are some helpful tips for you.

Know the cause

There are many reasons why vacuum cleaners smell bad.  Different odors can mean different causes. There are situations where the vacuum cleaner smell likes burning rubber, mildew, smelly socks and even rotten food. Before you can fix your vacuum cleaner smell, you should distinguish first what particular smell the vacuum cleaner gives off so that you will know what things you can do.

Check the vacuum cleaner engine

If the vacuum cleaner smells like burning rubber, then you should look at the engine that runs it. Burning rubber might be associated with broken or loose parts of the vacuum cleaner. One thing you can do is to turn the machine on and incline the vacuum cleaner, and check if the beater bar is rolling. If it does not roll properly, then unplug the vacuum cleaner then take a closer look at the beater bar. The most common causes why beater bar do not roll anymore are stuck hair, strings and similar objects.

Aside from the beater bar, a burning rubber smell from the vacuum cleaner might be because of the vacuum cleaner belt that has been broken. You can just get new vacuum cleaner belt for this problem.

Clean up vacuum bags and filters

If the smell from the vacuum cleaner smells like milder, then there might indeed be mildew in your vacuum cleaner. To get rid of that stinky smell like a worn out sock, you should check your vacuum bags and filters.  If there are mildew formations, you can just clean it up with soapy water and scrub. After washing away the mildew from the vacuum cleaner bags or filters, you should let them dry before installing the parts back.

If you used your vacuum cleaner for removing mildew from your bathroom, kitchen or patio, be sure to clean up the vacuum cleaner bag as soon as you finished cleaning your home. Failure to do so will result to mildew growth inside your vacuum that can cause mildew smell again.

Replace the vacuum bags and filters

If your vacuum cleaner smells like rotten food, then it might be because of dirty bags and filters. Vacuum cleaners are used to suck and clean almost anything that is why bacteria and germs accumulate inside it. If you do not clean and replace the vacuum bags and filters regularly, then your vacuum cleaner will smell foul. To avoid that vacuum cleaner smell, be sure to pay attention in cleaning your vacuum cleaner and replacing the vacuum bags and filters every now and then.

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