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How to Get of Toadstools

Plenty of organisms grow in your garden even if you don’t wish them to grow. After a rain shower, there are instances that toadstools would pop out every now and then. If you see toadstools in your garden, there are two things that you need to consider, their appearance would look like a welcome visual change in the landscape but at the same time, they can make the look uneven.

Toadstools or mushrooms is a sign that the soil is healthy and shows vitality. Toadstools grow from naturally decomposing organic materials which is a good sign since the soil is recycling organic materials and uses it as food for the plants in your garden. If you have curious pets or children though, toadstools can be a danger to them since it can be poisonous or toxic when ingested.

Toadstools can grow on the ground and on trees and if there is an over abundance of toadstool in your garden, you should attempt to lessen their numbers or completely eradicate them. Most fungicides do not work against them but there are plenty of other ways that you can perform to make sure that toadstools are removed from your property.

Dig up trees and check for their roots

Toadstools also grow on trees but they do not just stay on the trunk or branches. There are honey colored toadstools that grow from the roots of trees. If this type of toadstool grows on a particular tree, you should dig up whole root of the tree and dispose of it. Not doing so would make the infection spread to other roots which can multiply the problem. Digging up the root also means that you would have to eliminate the tree itself.

Use simple garden tools

You don’t have to have fancy equipments to dispose of toadstools growing in your garden. All you need are simple tools such as rake and shovel to take care of the job. If the toadstools have popped out of the ground, you simply have to rake them off and dig them out to make sure that you get into their roots. After digging them out, place them inside a plastic bag and throw them away from the plants as it can get infected again upon contact. Remember that just removing the surface toadstool will not eliminate them so you will have to go down the roots.

Get rid of thatch

Toadstools usually feed on decomposing matter to live and thatch provides this so you will have to get rid of it. Thatch is a thin layer of grass clippings and other organic matter that rests on the soil. If thatch gets thicker, it will supply the nutrients needed for toadstools to grow and is a perfect breeding ground for insects. Purchase vertical mowers from gardening stores and cut off thatch as this can reduce the nutrients supplied to the toadstools and will help stop or slow down their growth.

Lessen water supply

When you water your plants, do it less frequently but make sure that the water soaks well to the ground so it goes deeper into the soil. The roots of the toadstools are not that deep into the ground compared to grass where it goes all the way down. If the toadstools do not get enough water supply, they won’t have the tendency to grow.

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