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How to Get Rid Food Cravings

There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating the food that we like, the problem comes in when we eat in excess of the amount of what we’re really supposed to have. Most of the time, we are aware that we eat a lot but we cannot control our appetite due to our desire to satisfy our cravings.

Food cravings refer to a person’s desire to have food that will satisfy their tummy and taste buds. Food cravings can often happen a lot of times in a span of a day. Just seeing a mouth watering burger with an ice cold soda on the side plus a hot fudge sundae is enough to make you crave and head on to the nearest fast food restaurant that advertised these items.

There are several health risks involved when you give in to food cravings. This includes increase in weight as well as heart diseases and other complication. It is hard to control food cravings but there are several ways to prevent you from giving in to it. Here are some steps that you can follow to at least control your food cravings:

Drink plenty of water

Drinking a fair amount of water on a daily basis can prevent food cravings. Water helps you feel full without adding the extra pounds. When you are about to eat, take a fair share of food and follow it up with drinking plenty of water. Once you feel full, your cravings will surely dissipate and your desire to eat more will also be gone.

Water would also prevent you from feeling hungry at times that a normal person is not required to eat but just have that feeling of wanting to fill their stomach. If you have taken breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is pretty safe to say that you’ve filled your body with the nutrients needed to last for the day. Anything other than that is considered as an excess and you should just substitute water if you feel the need to eat.

What you see is temptation

Remember that big billboard for a fast food chain showing smoking hot burger with soda on the side? Did that make you hungry even after you just ate? Well of course it did! One thing that you need to remember about food craving is that most of it is not real. You crave for more food even after you just had your fill and you are not even hungry.

Visual representation of foods that are desirable can affect our minds thus creates this image that we need to have this food. When you see this type of craving taking over you, try to chew on sugar free gum, this will alleviate your attention from giving in to that luscious burger you just saw on a billboard.

Busy, busy, busy

When do you feel food cravings the most? The answer is when you are doing nothing. Have you ever heard of people complaining that they don’t even have time to eat because of how busy their schedule is? Well this is not healthy practice, but it just proves that the more you keep yourself busy, the greater the chances of keeping your mind off food. Although you will need to remember that you should still eat at the right time.

Buy what you need

A grocery list is necessary when you go out and purchase a week’s worth of supplies. When you get inside the grocery store, follow the list to the dot and avoid purchasing anything that is not on it since it can create temptation at home. Funny thing about food craving is that if there is no way to get a hold of that food, they would go away. Now if you have those foods in your house, readily available, then you would have to give in and eat at your expense.

What worked for you?

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