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How To Get Rid Of a Baby Cough

Whether you are a mother or a nurse, when it comes to babies, there will be times when you will encounter problems with the child you are taking care of. While there are some problems that will be life-threatening, most will be small and curable by normal means. These newborns will always have problems due to the fact that their immune system is incomplete and not as strong as adults. This particular problem may be very common and not life-threatening so don’t worry yourselves to a standstill. However, this does not mean you should just stand by and do nothing of the sort until the problem is gone.

Baby cough is as common as the normal adult cough. For babies with normal condition, expect them to experience a common cold during their first two years. Accompanying that cold is the cough, which lingers for about two weeks along with the cold. This particular cough found in babies are usually harmless, but there are a few symptoms that shows if your infant is in jeopardy or in risk of fatality due to the cough: one is if the baby has a fever of over 102 degrees Celsius. Two is if the child has difficulty of breathing. Three is if your baby starts coughing blood. But if it seems that the cough is nothing to serious, here are some tips on how you can get rid of baby cough.

Increase fluid intake

This means aside from their normal drinks, give them additional drinks to help keep them hydrated at all times. Though it isn’t really necessary, it is a good way to keep your baby healthy and maintain proper balance. Congestion may be the cause of your baby’s cough, and maintaining proper fluid intake may help cure that.

Saline drop solution

Congestion could be the reason that your baby is having coughs. If this is true, use saline drops or solutions. This will help clear and dissolve thin congestion in your baby’s nose, which is a step into clearing your baby of all coughs. While saline solutions are safe for use several times a day, be sure to avoid those that contain medication.


A cool mist vaporizer or humidifier may help your baby breathe a little easier. Turn it on 30-40 minutes before your baby’s bedtime and keep it clean at all times. While it may help your baby breathe easily, if not properly maintained, you may have more problems than you originally did.

Use steam treatment

You could also run a hot shower with the bathroom door closed to get the steam treatment effect. This greatly reduces congestion and gets rid of anything blocking your baby’s nose.

Adequate rest

Make sure your infant is resting adequately. While it is hard for your bay to rest with coughs and colds, using a suction bulb to clean his nose will greatly help your baby get the rest it needs to heal. Adequate rest can greatly contribute for the well-being of your baby.

Consult a doctor

A common baby cough can turn into one of your worst nightmares. If your baby’s cough is accompanied by other symptoms such as high fever, you should have him checked up by a professional doctor. If further complications occur, call a doctor and set up a meeting immediately.

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