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How to Get Rid of a Caffeine Crash

Most of us know that too much caffeine consumption is really not good for the body. Not only that it can develop to a more severe addiction, it can also cause a lot of symptoms that you don’t want to have. Too much caffeine can reduce your body’s ability to absorb vitamins. And the rush that you are feeling?—that would eventually lead to a fall in your blood sugar which causes you to get tired easily. It can also affect your sleeping patterns and irritate you stomach.

When you have caffeine crash, it is as if you don’t get the effects of caffeine that you want.  Tendency is you would drink more. That is a serious problem. It can leave you restless, nauseous and eventually you will have symptoms similar to that of panic attack. If you observe that you are about to have one of those caffeine crash, sit back and relax for a bit. Read the following tips that might help you:

Hydrate yourself

When you start hydrating yourself, it will help your body flush down the caffeine out of your system. Drink as plenty of water as you can. Remember, you must take approximately equal or more that the amount of the caffeine that you consumed. Throw away any caffeine products that you can see and continue to hydrate yourself. You know very well that you will urinate a lot too. After that, if you can drink a couple of glasses again, do it. Water is a very good solvent that it can help detoxify your body.


You can eat beef or fish. Protein can help eradicate caffeine in our system. If you don’t have the time to cook those dishes, you can chew on walnuts or any kind of nuts. You can even make yourself the famous peanut butter and jelly if you still can. Then try not to drink any more beverages that contain caffeine. Afterwards, drink a lot of water to help the digestion process.


Just like the protein, eating foods with lots of carbs can get your blood sugar back up to a healthier level.  When going this route, make sure that you’re consuming foods that are healthy for you, rather than junk food that is just jammed packed with sugar.   Since a caffeine crash can be due to a lack of blood sugar, these carbohydrates are going to get your blood sugar to a healthier level again.


When the symptoms starts to show, another way to get rid of further symptoms is to rest.  A caffeine crash is also an effect of stress together with the effects of caffeine. If you have any painkillers, drink that as well and sleep afterwards.  On top of rest, try to avoid anything jammed packed with caffeine as your body is in a slight shock.  Most experts will recommend that you wait upwards of 24 hours before drinking or even eating anything with caffeine.  If you must drink something with caffeine, consider drinking something that is sugar free.

What worked for you?

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