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How to Get Rid of a Fake Tan

Getting a tan is always a great way to have that perfect summer look. You have that perfect shade of skin to go with the outfits that you carefully picked out from your favourite stores. However, to do it the natural way is time-consuming and sometimes harmful. With all the diseases that you can get from the harmful rays of the sun, no wonder you want to have what they call the ‘sunless tan’.

It may be a tanning lotion that you apply at home or a tanning spray that you can get from a tanning shop. You can have that tan that you’ve always wanted in no time and still go back to your natural skin after a few days or sometimes weeks. But what happens when it doesn’t come out right? Are you going to be stuck with that awful fake skin tan for days? Luckily, you won’t have to. There are some ways where in you can wake from that horrible dream and have your natural skin in no time.

NOTE: Whatever product that you will choose to use, remember to never mix them. Just pick one and that’s it.

Baking soda and toner

If you have blotches and spots on your face and neck, the best product for that is baking soda. First is that you have to damp your skin with warm water to loosen it up a bit. After that, apply the baking soda to your skin and massage it thoroughly—rubbing it like you’re making small circles. This way would help you to lessen the tan color by removing the dead skin on the surface. After that, rinse your skin thoroughly. Now, with an alcohol-free toner of liquid makeup remover, wipe your face and neck using cotton pads.  For better results try using an AHA or BHA products. Just apply that once before going to bed.

Witch Hazel

Any kind of astringent that has Witch Hazel ingredient will do. This is a natural exfoliant so it would work very well in removing you fake tan. Just apply a layer of Witch Hazel to the certain area where you want to lessen the tan color. Gently rub it using a clean and cotton cloth. Afterwards, rinse it with water and pat dry.

Hydrogen peroxide

This solution is usually seen in your emergency first-aid kit. It is a disinfectant when you have cuts and wounds. This is also a great solution to get rid of fake tan color as it will act as an exfoliant as well. Just pour some hydrogen peroxide to a clean and soft cloth then gently apply it to your affected skin. Then let it sit for about a minute then rinse thoroughly then pat it dry. You can repeat this process until you can observe some changes and the fake tan is already gone.

Self-tanner remover

This is available in any drug stores and in any beauty shops. All you have to do is to apply this cream to the affected skin. It will penetrate the layers of your skin and eventually lighten you skin that was brought about b y the fake tan products you have used. Afterwards, just rinse thoroughly then pat dry.

What worked for you?

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