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How to Get Rid of a Fake Tattoo

From the name itself, fake tattoos are just imitations of the real and authentic tattoos. There are a few types of fake tattoos such as transfer tattoos, henna tattoos and airbrushed tattoos. The transfer tattoos as commonly applied easily by rubbing the design against your skin. It is usually seen as a freebie when you buy bubble gums and other kid’s stuff. Now, the henna tattoo is originated from India which is really used for body painting and decorations. They call this mehndi. They use a natural leave and make it into a paste and use that as the henna ink. The last one is the airbrushed tattoo. This is the most similar to that of the real tattoo. The ink that they use is similar to the color of the authentic one. They use stencils and simply airbrush the ink and creating the design that they created.

Here are tips on how to remove temporary, fake tattoos:

Transfer tattoo

This is a very easy one and no brainer. You can just rub the design off your arm. You can use water to help you clean it.  Keep in mind that some tattoos are going to be trickier than others.  Don’t tend to rub too hard on your body as it can cause a rash or irritation of the skin.  Place luke warm water on a cloth or rag and lightly rub away at the tattoo.  After a minute or so, the tattoo should start to wear or flake away.  Once it disappears, grab a cloth and dry the area.

Henna tattoo

Airbrush tattoo

Since the ink that is used in airbrush tattoo is oil-based, the best way to remove it is to use oil or alcohol based products. You can apply baby oil, mineral oil or even suntan lotion to the area. Leave it there for as long as possible and gently scrub it with loofah or cloth. Rubbing alcohol can also be used as a substitute for the items stated above but you need to take extra precaution as it can dry up your skin.

What worked for you?

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