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How to Get Rid of a Hangover

Hangover. That’s probably the last thing on your mind while you’re having a good time with your friends. Partying like there’s no tomorrow and drinking like it’s the last drink you’re going to get? You are the perfect candidate of having the worst headache of your life the next day.  Then by that time, I bet you are going to swear that you will never drink again.

Funny that hangover has really no medical definition. The best explanation is that hangover is a mere collection of symptoms which are direct results from excessive drinking.  Luckily, the said symptoms are easily predicted and can easily be taken care of.

Never drink with an empty stomach

Before the drinking session, make sure that you fill your stomach with enough food and lots of fluids. For solid intake, it is better to eat food that are rich in fat rather than in carbohydrates. Since fat sits in your body for at least 12 hours, it is known to slow down the absorption of alcohol by your body. For fluid consumption, it is imperative that you hydrate yourself with plenty of water since alcohol causes dehydration. Also, try to drink water in between alcoholic beverages for further dilution of the alcohol.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

The next morning would feel like hell for your head. Everything seems to spin around and you feel very dizzy. If you don’t have work or anything else important to do, the best way to overcome the hangover easily is to sleep. Also, upon waking up in the morning, drink plenty of water (or if you have drinks with electrolytes) then sleep again.

Fresh fruits and Non-acetaminophen painkillers

Fructose is known to help the body burn the alcohol faster. It will ease the metabolic effects of alcohol by replacing the vitamins and minerals that the body has lost. You can either eat fresh fruits or drink fruit juices. Just make sure that the juice is room temperature as cold liquid makes it hard for the body to absorb faster. Also, if you are still suffering from a bad headache, you can take aspirin or ibuprofen to ease the headache. The effect of painkillers will last for about four hours so it is better to take them in the morning just when the hangover strikes.

Consider eating food

Divesting yourself of a hangover is not as simple as you think so, particularly when you’ve thrown caution to the wind the night before. However, there are several ways through which you can lessen that deadening migraine upon waking up the next day.

Regardless of how worse you hangover is, putting some food in your stomach immediately is a must. At times, your hangover would be too awful to the extent that the mere thought of food will nauseate you. But eat anyway. Under such circumstances, begin with something light like an apple or a banana. Food intake is important to do away with hangover as quickly as you can. In fact, many would rather have soup for the extra sodium it contains substitutes all the salt that your body lost caused by drinking alcohol the previous night.

What worked for you?

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