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How to Get Rid of a Head Cold

A head cold is commonly characterized by clear mucus drainage, headache, malaise and sometimes fever. It is also referred to as common cold. This description is deceptive as this condition is not as simple as you think. Instead, this term is a general diagnosis to be able to identify one of over 200 different kinds of viruses. As many as they sound, they just produce a similar and particular set of symptoms. Also, they share a common treatment to there’s really no need to identify a particular virus.

Naturally, a simple head cold can last for up to 3 to 5 days. Your immune system automatically sees the virus as a target and sends a specific immune response to stop its reproduction. Common head cold is can also spread from one person to another through physical contact with the infected fluid like the saliva or phlegm. So while you immune system is doing its job, help your body through these tips:


A head cold is almost always accompanied by headache. With that, taking analgesics can really help relieve your headaches and fatigue. This can also be of help when you have a fever. NyQuil and Tylenol are just some of them that you can purchase over the counter.  Before you do, make sure that you talk with your family doctor to ensure that you can take this type of medication.

Increase fluid intake

Water therapy can help you clear out your body from toxins. Also, drinking fruit juices is very effective as they have natural vitamin C that can help boost your immune system. Fluid in any form can help your body wash away toxins. It is also a way to rejuvenate from the stress and viruses.  Be sure to try and replenish your body and drink upwards of 8 glasses a day.  Be sure to set a schedule to ensure that you’re getting a lot of fluids throughout the day.

Vitamin C supplements

As mentioned above, vitamin C supplements can help with boosting your immune system.  Either drink fruit juice that is high in Vitamin C or even consider taking tablets that have vitamin C.  It’s best to take at least 200 milligrams a day.

Hot soup

The temperature of the soup will help you clear out any clogged passageways. It helps dilate any constricted veins and membranes then eventually aid them to relax.  Make sure that the soup isn’t too hot when you start to eat it as you can burn your mouth or even tongue just making matters worse.  A great soup to eat while having a head cold is chicken noodle.


When you have colds, you will certainly feel dizzy and the best way to treat that is through sleeping. Allow your body to rest for a while. This way, you will be able to regain your strength. If you find it hard to sleep because of your headache, try to drink Tylenol before sleeping. If it’s the runny nose that’s keeping you awake, it is best to drink an antihistamine medication. This is to help loosen up your clogged nasal passageways and with its natural effect, it can make you feel drowsy—you will be sleeping tightly before you know it.

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