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How to Get Rid of A Jammed Finger

Jammed fingers are almost impossible to avoid especially for those who are really fond of doing many things at the same time. This is because if we have many things on our mind, there are things that are mind slips off. Also, this is a very common thing to happen to kids. They are all hyper and active then all of a sudden you hear them scream so hard. Jammed through the door, table, heavy books… they are the same—PAINFUL.

For most of our experience, the moment we get our finger jammed, it doesn’t hurt at all. Then after a few seconds, a sudden throbbing pain will hit you. That’s the time you realize that your finger got hurt. Here are a few basic first aid remedies to help you with your jammed fingers.


Most often than not, jammed finger will heal on its own. The key is to give time for the bones to heal by immobilizing it for the moment. Our fingers are made up of joints and when it gets jammed, it will build on its own. Also, immobilizing it would help stop the swelling and the pain.

Ice and elevate

Since the pain is the major concern here, applying cold compress will help you alleviate the pain. It will also halt the swelling process. Elevating the affected finger will increase blood circulation that could pretty much help your joints for healing.


A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or what we call the NSAIDs like ibuprofen can help you relieve the pain. It can also stop the inflammation. There are some people who have a low pain tolerance. So you might need a higher dose of ibuprofen or Mefenamic acid.

Pop back into place

There are splints out there that can help with jammed fingers.  Keep in mind that your jammed finger will go away over time.  What you’ll want to do is either consider a splint for your finger or even visit a local Chiropractor to assist you with popping your finger back into place.  If you can’t afford the professional help, tug on your finger and pull it toward the sky.  If done properly, you can hear a slight pop that will make it feel better almost instantly.  Remember that you should do this at your own risk!

Try an arthritis rub

Similar to IcyHot, an arthritis rub can help soothe the pain of a jammed finger.  Simply rub this cream on your finger and let it sit there for around 15 minutes.  The heat that is generated by this cream will help your jammed finger heal faster than normal.  Similar to this rub, also consider placing your finger in a bowl of hot water with some Epson salt sprinkled in.  This will work in a similar way compared to the arthritis rub.

Know when to seek help

Jammed finger is a case to case basis. There are some instances that this condition is just easy to deal with but there are also some serious conditions. For adults, you should be able to assess your condition properly. For children, an immediate evaluation of a physician is needed. An x-ray may be necessary to check the condition of your finger. But no worries as fractures in kids heal quickly.

What worked for you?

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