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How to Get Rid of a Large Zit

It is important to determine which type of zit it caused you to have a blemish before actually treating it. Generally, a zit that is only on the surface level of the skin may be more responsive to topical treatment than a deeper cyst. This type of superficial zit is the one that appears to be a red blemish, and is even sensitive and painful when touched. However, there are ways on how you can get rid of a large zit, which are practical and effective.

Do Not Overwash / Do Not Scrub

Washing a zit is different from scrubbing it. If you want to get rid of a zit, wash it with a mild facial cleanser for only two times each day, and apply moisturizer after that. Never scrub your face. Cleansing your face more than two times a day will only cause more aggravation to the zit, at the same time will also result to stripping down of the natural oils that keep your skin healthy and nourished.

Use Products for Sensitive Skin

If you want to get rid of a zit, make sure to use products that are highly for sensitive skin and also those that are oil-free. These products may be the ones you use regularly on your skin such as cleansers, moisturizers, creams, lotions, and even make-up. By using specialized products, this will help treat your skin while maintaining the natural balance of oils it needs. If you do not choose carefully the products that you use, these may leave your skin oily, clogged, and at some points very dry.

Pop It In A Sterile Way

You are not actually supposed to pop a zit, but if you need to, then do it as sterile as you can. First you need to make sure that you wash your hands and face before and after, and if it is easier, you can make use of a sterilized pin. You can sterilize a pin with a flame or a rubbing alcohol. Not all zits can be popped. What you can pop are only the ones visible and are already emerging from the surface of your skin. If you force to squeeze a zit that is not that visible yet, it will only push the blockage further down the pore and make it even worse. Another way to get rid of a zit is by actually helping it come out. What you need to do is just expose the affected part to a heat, and when it is done, you can apply cold compress to reduce any swelling.

Acne Medication

If you think that your zit condition needs a stronger treatment to get rid of it, application of some acne medications may be helpful. Use acne creams or gels that have 2.5% benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These two chemicals work efficiently in getting rid of a zit. However, too much of either, or using both altogether, will only cause too much dryness and inflammation on your skin. Use only a small amount of the acne medication to be applied directly to the zit before going to bed. This will allow the acne cream or gel to work and take effect overnight. During the day, you may use oil-free make-up or moisturizer that has small amounts of acne-fighting chemicals.

Medical Help

For those who are suffering from a more complicated and severe zit condition, you may actually want to consider asking medical help from a doctor or dermatologist for their professional treatment. One of the medical treatments is to use cortisone shot to reduce the swelling. This type of treatment may be expensive, but the doctor or the dermatologist will be able to monitor and treat your condition properly.

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