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How To Get Rid Of a Phobia

Is there a thing or a situation that sends shivers down your spine whenever you encounter it? If you repeatedly get frightened about a certain thing, then you have most likely developed a phobia. A phobia is characterized by the feeling of fear and anxiety. Science has listed thousands of types of phobia and almost everyone has something that they are afraid of. Some of the most common types of phobia are fears of height, public speaking, certain places, animals and others. While phobia is a part of human nature, it is very unhealthy. Whenever your fear kicks in, your well-being might be greatly affected. So if you can, it is best to get rid of phobia.

While it is easy to be said, getting rid of phobia is actually a challenging task. Imagine climbing hundreds of feet and doing a bungee jump when you have fear of heights, sounds really scary right? Nevertheless, it will make you feel better once you have countered this fear of yours. So if you have a certain phobia that you want to get rid of, here are some tips that can help you face your fears.

Identify where the fear is coming from

Before you can forget about your fear, you must first identify where the fear is coming from. You have to know what causes you to cringe whenever you or encounter what you fear. Is it because of trauma or you really just grown up being afraid of it? Ask yourself first, where does this feeling of fear originate, and from there, you will be able to identify why you get scared about it.

Talk to yourself

While it may seem silly, and other people may suspect you of being out of your mind, it is necessary that you talk to yourself in order for you to face your fears. Sit down and think about your phobia. Ask yourself, why you have this phobia in the first place. Then try to think, are you going to die because of it? For example, if you are afraid of being in closed areas, ask yourself, “Will the walls close upon me and squeeze me to death?” Of course, the answer is no. The thing that you are afraid of cannot really harm you per se, but, the feeling of fear itself is the one that may damage your personality. So talk to yourself and convince that the thing you are afraid of cannot really harm or endanger you, so why be afraid of it?

Play brave

If you are afraid of a certain thing, you can just try to play brave and convince yourself that you are not afraid of it. For example, you can go to a building’s roof deck and look down below. Originally, this might make you crawl back down. But instead of letting your fear pour upon you, stand straight, spread your arms and breathe. Relax and try to enjoy the moment. If you are afraid of climbing on the top of a building, then the roof deck or rooftop in your home is a good place to start with.

Go to a professional

While you can counter phobia by yourself, there are fears that are too grave that you might need to go to a professional. So if you need support, consulting with an expert may help you quicken your battle with your phobia.

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