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How To Get Rid Of a Shiny Nose

The nose is one of the most prominent features of the face. While most people would look at eyes and lips first, it is the nose that gives the most definition to your face. That is why there are a lot of celebrities who get their nose done to give their face a more definitive appearance. Most people also do some nose makeup just to make their nose stand out. However, there is one thing that makes your nose be noticeable that does not really make your appearance look good. What is it? Oil in your nose.

For some reason, the standards have regarded glowing nose as unwanted that is why many people are battling with shiny nose. While it may seem that shiny nose is not really too bad, actually, it can be a sign of an unhealthy skin. If your nose shines, it is most likely that your face is oily. And when your face is oily, you will be more susceptible to acne breakouts and appearance of other skin lesions. So if you want your face to be recognized for its purity, then you should get rid of every possible flaw on your face, including shiny nose.

Wash your face

To remove excess oil in your nose, you should wash your face regularly. First, rinse your face with warm water to open up your pores. Then, lather your facial scrub that you can get in almost any health or beauty shop. After you have thoroughly lathered the soap all over your face and neck, with particular attention to the tip of your nose, rinse it with cool water. The cool water will then close and tighten up your pores.

When you are buying facial scrubs, remember to get a facial scrub that is compatible with your skin type.

Apply cleanser

Sometimes, washing your face does not really remove all the dirt and oil on your pores. That is why cleansers have been produced. Facial cleansers have special formula that deeply cleans your face. Simply get a facial cleanser that is safe to use on your skin and squirt some of it on a cotton ball. Then, gently rub the cotton ball on your face. Do not forget to work it around your nose. Once you have finished applying the cleanser, you might see the cotton ball have turned darker. This means that the dirt has been removed from your face.

Rub some moisturizing cream

Since most cleansers have strong formula, it might take away the natural moisture on your face. So to balance it out, you should rub some moisturizing cream on your face to keep your skin supple. However, do not over apply moisturizing creams as it may aggravate your shiny nose. Just apply a very small, pea-sized amount all over your face.

Use oil-control powder

After the moisturizing cream has dried out, you should do the finishing touch by applying oil-control powder on your face. The powder will absorb any sebum that may be released by your pores so that your nose would not look very shiny. You can re-apply the oil-control powder after a few hours in case your face starts to feel sticky.

Keep oil-control blotting paper

Oil-control blotting paper is a strip of special paper that absorbs oil. If you are one who have shiny nose because of excessive sebum on your pores, you should keep oil-control blotting paper with you so that you can instantly fix your shiny nose in case it gets oily.

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