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How to Get Rid of a Stiff Neck

Does your neck feel sore? Are you having difficulty moving your neck? You might be experiencing stiff neck. Stiff neck is a common complaint that everyone, both young and old, whines about. When you move your neck, or let it be still too much; or you make sudden jerks with your head, you can get a stiff neck. The neck pain that you feel can also result from bad posture or bad sleeping habits.

Stiff neck is often characterized by painful sensation in the neck and sometimes, it is accompanied by head ache and even muscle pain on the shoulder area. While it is not really a serious condition, it can bring you a great amount of discomfort, so if you have stiff neck, you want it to be gone fast. There are many things that you can do to get rid of stiff neck. You can treat it from the comforts of your home, or with assistance from a professional. Here are the things that you can do to get rid of stiff neck.

Warm up your neck

Warming up your neck with a hot compress can help lessen the pain that you feel. It will also loosen up your muscles so the stiffness is reduced. Just get a hot water bag, or a cloth dipped in hot water and place this on your neck for a few minutes. Do this treatment every hour or so, until the stiffness has gone away.

Rub some pain reliever ointment

There are pain reliever ointments that you can apply on your neck area which can give you an instant stiff neck relief. Just rub some ointment and let it work. Usually, these ointments have cooling effect to relax your muscles.

Get a massage

Getting a massage can greatly ease your stiff neck. Not only that, when you get a massage, not only will your stiff neck be cured, but you will also feel relaxed all in all. If you are having neck pain, just kindly ask your partner to give you a quick massage if he or she has light hands. Or, you can go to the day spa and pay some bucks to get a relaxing massage.

Drink medicine

There are over-the-counter medicines that you can get to temporarily kill the pain that you feel from stiff neck. You can visit your local pharmacy and ask for a regular painkiller. You can also get aspirin-based medicines like Nurofen. Administer medicine intake properly. Do not consume more than what is needed.

Use comfortable pillow and mattress

If you often get stiff neck when you wake up in the morning, then maybe your bed is not doing your body good. If you sleep sideways, you can use hard pillows or if you sleep straight, you can use soft pillows that will adapt to the curve of your neck. If you sleep flat on your stomach, change to a better position because it is a bad habit to sleep face down.

Visit a doctor

While stiff neck is not commonly associated with serious illnesses, it is better to be safe than sorry. If your stiff neck is getting really painful even after you have tried some simple home remedies, then it is time to go visit a doctor. Tell him the things that you feel and the doctor will then make his diagnosis and advices.

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