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How to Get Rid of a Unibrow

The planet Earth is inhabited by different kinds of people who have acquired different cultures and traditions. There are several cases where in one country one feature of the body is deemed to be attractive, other regions of the world may not find it usual and could see it as strange or out of the ordinary.

Having a unibrow is a perfect example of the scenario provided. Unibrows can be associated with purity and virility in one of the regions in Tajikistan while western countries find it very unattractive. Unibrows even made the jump to prominent cartoon characters due to its unnatural look.

Unibrows mostly occur on men and they do anything to remove it. Having too much hair nowadays seems to be unattractive and although it doesn’t pose any negative medical conditions, unibrow is best removed as of today’s standards. The following can help you get rid of unibrows:

Trimming is the first step

Unibrows occur to people with either thin or thick eye brows, if you notice any signs of growing hair in between your eyebrows, you should trim it carefully with a small scissor. This will make the unibrow less visible. You should moisten the area where you will need to trim to make it easier to cut.

Plucking is also an option

Trimming might be a good idea but it will still leave small particles of hair in the skin. Plucking is considered to be better since the hair is pulled from the roots removing any visible sign of unibrows. Plucking unibrows might be one of the more popular procedures in removing unibrows due to its simplicity and the materials necessary are not hard to come by.

Make sure that you use tweezers and do it in front of the mirror if no one is around to do it for you. You should also be careful when plucking the hair since the form of the eyebrow may become unnatural if too much hair has been plucked.

Waxing makes for smooth skin

Waxing is not limited to hair growing in the lower part of the body; this can also be done on unibrows. There are establishments that perform this and the pain can be different depending on the thickness of the hair. Waxing may cost you more but the result is a smoother surface as the results are when hair is waxed off from other parts of the body.

Creams can be applied too

There are creams designed to remove hairs from the body and depilatory creams are also available to remove unibrows. These creams are specifically designed for the brows since the skin on the face can be very sensitive.

They can be purchased from local drug or grocery stores and can be purchased over the counter. The cream should be applied and left on the skin for about 5 minutes to have it concentrate on the hair that needs to be removed.

Shaving might help

Although this can be popular, shaving is not the best option to get rid of unibrows. It is possible that this can trim the hair but only up to the surface of the skin, it cannot go deeper. Think of your beard or moustache after shaving. Another thing is that chicken skin might be developed due to hair follicles protruding on the surface. Again, you can use this procedure although think about the after effects.

What worked for you?

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