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How to Get Rid of a Voodoo Doll

Different people have different beliefs and this is sometimes a cause of disconnect. Since people can become unfamiliar with the different rituals of other religions, it can be perceived as weird or something out of the ordinary. A perfect example is Voodoo. When you think about this word, if you know nothing about it, is that it is a form of witchcraft or source of black magic. This is a big misconception since voodoo is a type of syncretic religion mostly practiced in Haiti.

The biggest misconception about voodoo is that people mostly associate it with a voodoo doll. The idea of sticking pins into a doll can inflict harm to a person that doll has spiritual connection to. But even with no relevant proof, there are a lot of people that believes in having bad luck if they come into possession of a voodoo doll. People who get this type of doll would like to dispose of it but are too scared to do so since it may have repercussions.

There is nothing wrong in practicing other people’s belief as long as you don’t put it in the center of your own life. Respecting other people’s beliefs should be mandatory even if you don’t open your heart into it. Disposing a voodoo doll may seem normal for people who do not believe in the effects of it but for those who worry, here are some tips on how to get rid of it:

Put it somewhere unreachable

There is a big difference between throwing something out and putting something at the back of your drawer or on top of your cabinet or in the attic never to be found again; the latter means that you are still in possession of the voodoo doll. If you are afraid to dispose of the voodoo doll for some reason, you can just keep it in any of the locations mentioned and sooner or later you will forget about its existence.

Check sites dedicated to voodoo

There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people that believe in voodoo magic. They can provide valuable information regarding how to properly dispose of voodoo dolls without the fear of its repercussions. There are several ways to get rid of a voodoo doll according to these sites. Some of them involve wrapping the doll in a piece of white cloth and sprinkling it with sea salt and taking it to a river or stream.

Other ways to get rid of it would be performing the disposal at a specific day of the week and then digging a hole on the ground and burning the doll within the hole until it turns into ashes covering the hole afterwards.

Try to dispose it as a normal doll

Since the hesitation about ridding of a voodoo doll comes from uncertainty of what future bad luck may descend upon you, try reading more about the voodoo religion which can help alleviate some of the misconceptions you have with this religion and to lessen or remove your fears from disposing of the doll without performing anything special.

Your belief differs from what other people believe in and if you totally do not have any familiarity with voodoo and are in possession of a voodoo doll that you want to throw away, go ahead and do it. Do not burden yourself with something that can bring negativity to your life.

What worked for you?

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