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How To Get Rid Of Adam’s Apple

When a boy hits the transition period of adolescence, one of the most common physical changes that occur to them is the sudden growth of that so-called Adam’s Apple. A lot of people get mistaken about this bulge in necks. Most people think that it is a distinct characteristic of a male, but actually, even females have Adam’s Apple. Adam’s Apple is basically a bulge in the neck that is associated with a person’s larynx and throat structure. The Adam’s Apple is a component of the voice box. The bigger the Adam’s Apple is, the deeper and lower the voice will be. That is why it is more visible with males, because they have a bigger voice.

Some people find Adam’s Apple appealing but there are just those people who do not like it at all. Some adolescent boys may get freaked out when they see their Adam’s Apple growing by the minute. And there are also those girls who develop a bigger Adam’s Apple than usual. If the Adam’s Apple grows to an undesirable size, some people may decide to just get rid of it. The thing is that it is a part of everyone’s physical anatomy and getting rid of the Adam’s Apple will mean altering a person’s physical structure through surgical procedures. Nevertheless, there are still some simple ways and tricks to minimize the appearance of Adam’s of Adam’s Apple.

Wear turtle neck

There are simple things that you can do to conceal your Adam’s Apple appearance. One good way is to wear turtle neck clothing. There are many shirts, sweaters and jackets that wrap around the neck. This can, of course, conceal your Adam’s apple.

Accessorize with a scarf

A simple way to remove the Adam’s Apple from you and anyone’s site is to wear a scarf. You can simply just get a fancy scarf that go along with your clothing. This way, you will not just be concealing your Adam’s Apple, but you will also be accessorizing and improving your get up.

Work out

The thinner you are, the more visible your Adam’s Apple will be. If you want it ot be hidden, you should eat a lot and work out. Do neck exercises every day. This way, your neck will develop muscles that will take over your Adam’s Apple so it will become less visible. Plus, working out is basically a good thing for  a body so you are hitting two birds in one stone.

Surgical removal

If you really want to have your bulging Adam’s Apple removed, then you have to go for a surgical removal. This is a long process and it is very costly, not to mention the different risks associated with altering your physical structure. But do not worry because with the right surgeon and process, you will be able to escape the burden given to you by your Adam’s Apple. So if you have enough cash for a surgery, you can visit the best surgical doctor in your town and ask for assessment.

Change your view about it

Adam’s Apple is a natural part of the body. Do not be conscious if you have a big bulge on your neck. Instead of opting to alter your vocal chords, why not just change your view about your Adam’s Apple? Anyway, everyone has it so you do not have to feel bad if you have this big bulge on your neck.

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