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How To Get Rid Of Aerosol Cans

Aerosol sprays are considered as one of the major reasons for the destruction of the ozone layer. They contain these harmful chemicals, including the chlorofluorocarbons. Chlorofluorocarbon is damaging to the environment and to humans as well. And, although the issue about this has already been addressed, some aerosol spray manufacturers still use this chemical.

It is damaging to use aerosol sprays but it can also be harmful if you just dispose them off. Disposal of hazardous waste like aerosol sprays and cans are regulated so you cannot just throw away an aerosol can after you have used it, especially if the can is not yet empty. Here are some things that you can do to get rid of aerosol cans properly.

Reuse, reduce, and recycle

When it comes to products that are known to contain harmful chemicals, just remember the 3R formula that has been repeated over and over again in your science class. Firstly, do not throw away aerosol cans until you have used them up. Although you might have made the right choice of stopping the use of aerosol, you cannot just throw them away because their chemical contents can still cause contamination so you might need to use up the remaining aerosol spray. Then, after you have consumed one can, do not buy another aerosol spray and use it in the future anymore as much as possible. For the emptied can of aerosol, you can just clean it up and recycle it.

Give it away

If you really have no use for aerosol sprays anymore and yet your can is still half full, you can just give it away to someone who might be able to use it. You can always ask around the neighborhood if they have a need for aerosol sprays and if someone says yes, then give your leftover aerosol spray to him.

If you have lots of leftover aerosol sprays, you can always put up a sign board in front of your lot indicating that you have some aerosol sprays to give away. When someone comes knocking for the aerosol sprays, then hand the cans to him.

Advertise on the Internet

There are some sites on the Web that enable you to post some advertisements. Just post an ad for your aerosol sprays and the place where interested people can get them.

Take the aerosol to a hazardous waste collection site

There are some areas where you can bring your unneeded household products that contain some hazardous chemicals. For example, some cities have the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Site or Reuse Rooms. If there are is one of these collection sites near you, then just pack your aerosol cans and give it to the person in charge and they will be the ones to dispose of your aerosol cans.

You can also take your aerosol cans to a junk shop and you can even get some cash in exchange.

Wait for the garbage truck

If your municipality or city has garbage trucks that circle the area to pick up the neighborhood’s waste, then you can just wait for them to pick up your garbage. Just keep the aerosol cans first in a safe box and mark the box with “aerosol cans for disposal” or something similar to that. When the garbage truck arrives to get your garbage, hand it over to the garbage man and tell him that the box contains some aerosol cans that needed to be disposed.

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