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How To Get Rid Of African Bees

There are many subspecies of honey bees. Some of them are beneficial, while some of them can be really harmless. One example of honey bee subspecies that is not worth to keep is the African bee colony. African bees are known to be the parents of the infamous killer bees or “Africanized bees.” These African bees are tough and can be very responsive to threat. They will notoriously sting you if you get in their way, unlike other honey bees that are tame and friendly.

African bees are very aggressive and they attack both humans and animals. So if you are seeing some African bees around your lot, it is best that you get rid of them before they can cause damage to your household. Remember, their stings are very painful. Just one sting from these little fellows and you might end up suffering for a few days. Also, there have been records of human and animal death because of African bees attack. In order to be safe and sound, you should get rid of African bees. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow to remove them from your lot.

Use smoke to shoo them away

Bees do not like smoke. It spells trouble for them. If the African bees are still swarming towards your lot, then shut all the openings to your house like windows and doors. Keep your family and pets safe and secure inside and wait until the night falls. Wear protective gears and long-sleeved shirts and pants. Then, simply create a fire outside your home. Once the bees see the smoke, they will feel unwelcomed and chances are they will find a new place to create their hive at.

If the bees have been around for long and you suspect that their hive has already been established, then you should locate their hive first. They are usually near trees or on trees. At night, when the African bees are less aggressive, create a fire right next to the hive and the smoke will shoo them away.

Sprinkle boric acid

Boric acid is a poison for bees. It will stick to the bees’ bodies and once it spreads around their hive, they will most probably die. Before night falls, when the bees have calmly returned to their house, sprinkle a lot of boric acid on the entrance of the beehive. The more boric acid you scatter around, the higher the chances of the bees getting killed. Wait for 24 hours and take a trip back to their hive again. Repeat the process until you see less and less bees around.

Apply insecticide

There are some insecticides that are powerful in killing bees. You can just go to the home improvement shop or gardening store to get one. When using the insecticide, go to the hive again when the night falls, then simply spray the insecticide inside the hive through the opening. Repeat this every night until almost all the bees have died.

Call a professional beekeeper

Generally, bees are hard to get rid of, especially if they have established their beehive on your lot. If you are dealing with harmful bees like African bees or killer bees, it is best that you call a professional beekeeper. If you want to save some cash, you can just ask local beekeepers for advice or if you are willing to spend some money, then pay for a beekeeper’s services to get rid of the African bees.

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