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How To Get Rid Of Air Bubbles

Have you recently put a screen protector over your new classy smartphone? Or did you just replace your old wallpaper with a livelier one? When you put a thin layer of a sheet or paper or plastic in a flat surface like your phone’s screen or wall, there are times when you would encounter appearance of air bubbles in between the cover and the surface. When these air bubbles appear, you have to fix it as it can create damage on your screen protector or wallpaper, not to mention its unpleasant appearance.

Placing a cover in a flat surface is actually not too easy as it seems. You have to be able to calculate the area of the surface and lay the cover flatly and smoothly over it. If some air was able to pass through the cover, then air bubbles are most likely to appear. When this happens, you will have to do some remedies for the bubbles to be removed so that the screen protector on your smartphone or the wallpaper in your home will be attached perfectly. So if you are having problems about these things, here are some tips that you can follow to get rid of air bubbles.

Flatten out the bubbles

For air bubbles on a smartphone, you can simply flatten out the screen protector so it can release the air bubbles. However, do this only when your screen protector is of high quality. Otherwise, you might just end up damaging the screen protector. Simply get a card or any object with a thin edge. Simply position the card’s edge on one side of the screen protector. Then, gently run it in one direction across the surface so the air bubbles will be pushed out. Just repeat the process until all the air bubbles disappear.

Poke with a pin

This method is quite risky but it can be effective when done properly. Simply get a very small and thin pin. Poke the center of the air bubble with it then press the bubble so it can escape from the small hole caused by the pin. Remove then pin and then try to flatten out the screen protector again.

This method can also be used to get rid of air bubbles on wallpaper. But instead of a small pin, you might need to use a bigger one, depending on the size of the air bubble. You can also use a syringe to extract the air from the air bubble.

Replace screen protector

If in case your screen protector gets damaged, you might have to just replace it. Since you have failed in putting in the first time, it might be better to have an expert replace the screen protector.

Cut and paste

If you are dealing with air bubbles on your new wallpapers, the basic remedy for this is to cut out a criss-cross mark using a razor on the center of the air bubble. You will end up with four triangular openings. Slightly fold it so that you will see the wall where it should have stuck at. In case you find some lump, then you might not be dealing with air bubbles at all. Simply remove the lump or residue if there is any. Add a thin layer of wallpaper paste on the area and then place back the wallpaper and press it firmly against the wall. Flatten it out to remove any air bubble.

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