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How To Get Rid of Ajuga Plants

Ajuga plants are one of those plants that can be helpful or a problem in your garden.  In some other areas, they are named carpet weed. This is most probably because these ajuga plants spread on your lawn like a carpet. They are good for covering up the lawn and adding some accent into it, but there are times when these plants just grow too fast and spread around rapidly. When this happens, then you might want to get rid of ajuga plants.

Removing ajuga plants from your lawn is actually quite challenging, especially if the ajuga plant patches have already covered up a big area of your lawn. But even before they can grow and cause more annoyance, you should get rid of ajuga plants as quickly as you can. Here are some tips you can do to help you remove those unwanted plants.

Pull them up from the soil

The most effective way to get rid of ajuga plants is to manually pull them up from the soil. Even though it takes time and effort to remove these unwanted plants from the lawn, you can be sure that you were able to remove the whole plant system. This is best done during morning when the sun is not at its peak and the soil is a bit moist. This way, you will have an easier time picking them up.

Simply wear your gloves and take a trip to your yard. Get a rake or a shovel or spade. You can just run the rake around the patches or simply dig around the plants using the shovel or spade to loosen up the soil. Once the soil has been slightly dug, it will be easier for you to pull up the ajuga plants. Place everything that you have removed inside a trash bag and just wait for the garbage man to pick it up.

Burn them

Burning those ajuga plants is an easy way to kill them. However, this may not be 100% effective when it comes to results and it might not be the safest thing to do. Nevertheless, burning the plants, when done properly, will get rid of almost all the ajuga plants. If the ajuga plants are in patches and there are no other plants in between them, simply light a fire and let it burn the ajuga plants. While burning the plants, be at watch with your garden hose. In case the fire looks like it’s going to creep to the other plants, simply spray down the fire.

After that, just rake the soil up to make the dead roots surface. Pick up the remains of the plants and place in a garbage bag and dispose it properly.

Spray with herbicide

Before going to the market and buying commercial herbicide products, you can first try to make homemade herbicide. Simply mix together equal parts of vinegar and hot water, some salt and liquid dishwashing detergent. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and transfer into a spray bottle. This solution can powerfully kill those ajuga plants. If you do not want to create your own herbicide, you can take a trip to the garden store and pick up glyphosate herbicide.

Treat your lawn by spraying the solution directly to the ajuga plants. Wait for about a week to see the results. If the plants are not dying, just repeat the treatment again until they dry up and die.

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