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How to Get Rid of an Upset Stomach

Steak, mashed potatoes, deep fried chicken, soda, ice cream, pork chops…the list goes on and on. You sample every one of this delicious food items and it seems that you just can’t get enough. You fill your stomach with everything that you can get your hands on until your heart’s content. Then all of a sudden, a feeling of pain strikes you in your upper stomach. You my friend, is suffering from indigestion or more popularly known as an upset stomach.

An upset stomach is characterized by chronic or recurrent pain in the upper abdomen and feeling full earlier than expected when eating. There are other causes of having an upset stomach but each one is equally painful like the others. An upset stomach can weaken a person and depending on the cause, can even cause dehydration.

Treatment for an upset stomach varies and would largely depend on the cause of the pain. There are several ways to get rid of this condition and some of the most effective are highlighted in this list. Remember that finding the right treatment will help ease the pain faster, so without further adieu here are your options:

Have yourself checked by a doctor

A lot of people rummage through their medicine cabinet once this condition is felt. If you have an upset stomach though, you will need to identify the cause before taking any medicines since you may be drinking the wrong type of medicine. Always ask your doctor for their prescription so the condition would go away faster.

Take medications

Well after having yourself checked by a doctor, you can take medications. Some of the medicines available are antacids. Your stomach acid usually causes the condition and what these medicines do is they neutralize the stomach acids since they contain alkali liquids. They can be purchased over the counter while others require doctor’s prescription.

If your upset stomach is caused by dyspepsia, medications such as acid suppressing drugs and antibiotics can be used as well. Depending on the condition, the doctor may advice you to take low dose anti depressants.

Change your lifestyle

Some of the causes of an upset stomach are triggered by your lifestyle. You should eat food high in fiber such as fruits and vegetables and make sure that you exercise regularly. Regular bowel movement can also prevent having an upset stomach and can be aided by eating fiber rich foods. Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks and if at all possible stop smoking. These substances causes chemical imbalance in the body that can trigger an upset stomach.

Another way to prevent getting an upset stomach is by changing your sleeping habits. Do not eat meals at least three hours before bed time and do not incline your sleeping surface as it will help keep the contents of the stomach where it’s supposed to be.

Avoid food that triggers the condition

Food that is hard to digest should be avoided since it can cause an upset stomach. Our body produces more stomach acid as it attempts to digest the food that we have taken. You should avoid fatty foods and junk food such as processed chips.

Rather than eating any of these foods, try organic fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber content. Fiber helps with the digestion of food which in turn can help in easily removing the waste from the body.

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