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How to Get Rid of Ankle Pain

You probably have sprains if a particular muscle of your body is suddenly overexerted. You will feel a sharp pain, rendering that portion of the body immobile for a while. It can cause redness and swelling of the region and can persist for a few days if they are too acute. In very severe cases, sprains can lead to permanent muscular pains and even disfigurement. Ankle pain often occurs due to an ankle sprain, which is an injury to the ligaments in your ankle. You will have small tears having ankle pain and this leads to swelling and bruising. Aside from injuries, ankle pain can be caused by arthritis, gout, pseudo-gout and infection, according to some research by experts. You can get rid of ankle pain by healing the injury through a few weeks of recovery.

One of the problems caused by ankle pain is preventing you from your daily routine and even will make a person depress if it’s severe. Like anything else, ankle pain could be view as something small at the beginning but if not taken care right away it will become a big problem. However, you can still take good care of yourself by making sure that you maintain appropriate weight, have proper foot wear, have proper posture and doing necessary warming up of the muscles are necessary steps in taking good care of yourself. And if you think a sprained ankle is most likely to be a runner’s problem, guess again. Inactive people who fall, stagger or otherwise take a misstep may be more likely to sprain an ankle than athletic types. Prompt treatment will speed healing and reduce the risk of further injury. Twenty percent of sprains lead to chronic ankle pain.

Rest your ankle

You have to rest your ankle for a few days if you feel the pain to start. First thing to do is to ice your ankle three or four times a day for no longer than 20 minutes. Keep a towel between your ankle and the ice pack so your skin does not get frostbite.


Compression is one of the best ways to do. Wrap a compression bandage around your ankle. This is a great help if you find your ankle to be unstable. If this doesn’t help, visit your doctor and get fitted for an ankle brace or crutches. That will keep the weight off your injury.

Stretch and Strengthen

Stretching is a must. This is to have blood with circulation. Perform some exercise to stretch and strengthen your joints.


It is important to have good footwear because a good pair of shoes will help to keep your ankle stable, provide adequate cushioning, and support your foot and lower leg during the running or walking motion.


Ginger, according to some experts may aid healing. Slice some fresh ginger root in a few cups of water in a cooking pot two or three days after the injury took place. Soak a washcloth in the warm brew to make a warm compress to wrap on your ankle. Be sure the water is warm enough but not too hot to irritate your skin.

Call your doctor

Visit your doctor if inflammation does not reduce within a few days, if you think you have an infection or the pain continues over the course of several weeks. If the affected area becomes red, warm and more painful, or if you have a fever, you have signs of an infection.

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