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How to Get Rid of Aphids

Farmers have to deal with a lot of problems. They already have enough on their plate with worrying about that day to day hard work involved in farming, the last thing that they need is another set of problem that can ruin their crops. Pests have been known to be one of the worst enemies of farmers and aphids are among the worst kind of pest that can invade a farm.

Aphids are little pear shaped insects that hides under the leaves of different plants. These creatures can turn your lovely garden or farm in a wasteland. Aphids feed on plants but they can spread a type of virus that can distort the growth of the plants. Aphids are known to reproduce asexually and can reproduce rather quickly which means trouble for your garden.

Getting rid of aphids can involve different procedures depending on what works for you. Remember that there are ways to get rid of them that can affect the plants that they are infesting in a negative way. To make sure that you safely remove aphids from your garden, here are some of the things that you can do:

Regular inspection is a must

Aphids reproduce fast, and they don’t even need a partner to achieve this feat. A single aphid can breed as much as 80 to 100 offspring within just a number of days. Inspecting plants in a regular manner would help in controlling the growth of the aphid’s population. Pay attention to what’s hidden from the eye since aphids are small enough not to be noticed.

Check aphids under the branches and leaves as they can hang on to these parts without any problem making them hard to notice if you don’t look pretty closely. If you bought new plants, it is a rule of thumb to check them for infestation first before bringing them into the garden.

Hose them down

If there is one thing aphids aren’t, it’s that they are hard to be taken off of plants. One of the natural ways to remove aphids is by using a high pressure hose and blasting the little insects away. Just be sure that when you set the nozzle, the stream of water that will come out of it will not destroy the plants in the process. Aphids that are removed from the plants do not usually climb back on the same plant.

Predators to hunt them down

If there are plenty of aphids present in your garden and you don’t have the time to deal with them, you can introduce bugs that feed on aphids but not on plants. There are several species of bugs that you can put in your garden, ladybugs and lacewings would be a great start. These bugs would just feed on the aphids and would leave your plants alone. They would provide a natural means of killing off aphids which is safe for plants.

Get rid of ants

If you are getting predators to kill aphids, it would be a great idea to get rid of ants. Why you ask? Well ants love sweet stuff and aphids secrete lots of it. Aphids produce a sugary sap that ants love and this is why they have the tendency to protect aphids. Ants also serve as transport for aphids which makes their movement from one plant to another faster.

What worked for you?

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