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How to Get Rid of Armadillos

With the way their armor looks, a lot of people probably think that armadillos are made of an impenetrable material. Truth of the matter is, their armor is nothing really special but it still serves them a genuine purpose of protection. Armadillos may not be harmful to humans per se but they can cause damage to your yard, in your garden specially.

Armadillos are capable of damaging gardens and they burrow on the ground making an ugly mess on the garden. Aside from this, armadillos can destroy, albeit unintentionally, your plants and flowers since they search for food. Your pipes and electrical wirings are not safe from these animals since armadillos can dig deep and burrow underground.

These are valid reasons why you need to take care of your armadillo problem once you see them at home. They may be adorable and cute but the damage that they can do, uncontrolled, can cause damage to your property. Armadillos are not that hard to remove from your property and here are some of the things that you can do to get rid of them:

Trap them using cages

When you see armadillo in your yard, the first instinct that you have is to definitely try to fend it off your yard. In the process though, you may accidentally hurt them. What you would want to do is to get rid of them without hurting them; hence the use of traps is necessary. And by traps, we meant live traps.

If you happen to see armadillo one moment and they disappear another, it’s likely that armadillo is burrowing underground to hide. What you want to do is to look for burrows and place the live traps in there. Place a bait to attract the armadillo into the trap and once captured, you can contact the local wildlife preservation society to make sure that they are still in good hands after capture.

Household remedies can help you with the process

You actually don’t have to purchase expensive materials to get rid of armadillos. There are simpler ways to do it such as using cayenne pepper. Like when you were setting up traps, look for the holes where armadillos burrow and sprinkle cayenne pepper around the area and your plants. The flavor, spice and aroma of the pepper will turn off armadillos, driving them away from your plants.

Alternatively, you can dilute cayenne pepper in water and place it inside spray bottles. Place the container in an area that is exposed to the sun and let it stay there for at least a week. Spray the solution to the area where the armadillos dig to draw them out from their hiding spots.

Clean your yard up

Armadillos often seek food and this is the main reason why they can end up in your yard. If they see that your yard is filled with clutter and food items, you need to clean it up to prevent attracting armadillos. Make sure that all the trash cans are covered so it won’t harbor insects that serves as food for armadillos.

Buy a guard dog to intimidate them

Guard dogs can intimidate a lot of things and armadillo is one of them. Heck, if you are able to get one that can scare off humans, it almost guarantees that it can scare little animals as well.

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