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How to Get Rid of Armpit Pimples

Pimples are nasty business, they cause you pain and they are terrible to look at. That’s not saying that when they grow somewhere hidden it would be better, in fact it can be worse. Take for example when you get pimples in your armpit. The pain can be terrible and you won’t be able to move your arms properly. Closing your armpits can squeeze the pimple which can make for a very uncomfortable experience.

Armpit pimples are caused by a lot of things and if they pop in your underarm, it is almost guaranteed that they will stay there for a long time. You may ask why, and the simple answer is that our armpit harbors millions of bacteria. This is the reason why we get bad odors when we do not use deodorant to control the bacteria. The pimple’s case is worsened by this fact and it can lead to serious condition.

There are a lot of factors that make you want to get rid of armpit pimples. It can be a symptom for more serious cases as well. A lot of methods can be done to make sure that you get rid of armpit pimples. Some of the methods that you can do and can help you in dealing with armpit pimples are described in the list below:

Keep your armpit hair free

Preventing the growth of armpit pimple is very important to avoid experiencing the pain it brings. One of the things that you can do not to get armpit pimple is by keeping the armpit free of hair. The hair underarms can cause skin irritation if you have pimples already and will increase the chance of pimple breakout.

When dealing with underarm hair, it is not suggested to shave it. Rather, you can use tweezers to pluck it or wax it for a smooth finish. By doing these procedures, it is guaranteed that the hair will be removed from its roots. Shaving will leave traces of hair which can irritate the skin further.

Bathe daily

Pimples are caused by bacteria and germs that accumulate in the skin pores. This is the reason why you need to bathe daily to make sure that you have control in the amount of germ and bacteria present in your skin. When washing your body, you need to make sure that you scrub the underarm with soap and rinse it thoroughly with water.

Have the pimple checked by a doctor

Armpit pimple can be caused by a variety of reasons that it you may think a simple pimple can’t do you no harm. If the pimple does not go away using the methods described here, you may want to have it checked by a doctor. There are cases wherein the pimple is a sign of a cancerous condition. It may be a cyst which can be cancerous and deadly if left untreated for a long time. Get a clear diagnosis from the doctor so they can provide the proper prescription and method to remove the armpit pimples.

Change your deodorant

Your deodorant plays a big factor when taking care of your underarm. There are cases that the underarm is not compatible with your skin and it can cause irritation which can worsen the condition of the pimple. Try different deodorant and find out what is compatible with you, better yet, ask a dermatologist to identify which deodorant is best for you.

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