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How to Get Rid of Arsenic

It comes to no surprise that a lot of the substance that we take have varying amounts of minerals. Knowing this fact shouldn’t have you worried since we consume varying amounts of minerals. These mineral may contain chemical substances such as arsenic. Even in small quantities, some minerals are not safe to be consumed and once you go overboard, you may have to start worrying.

Arsenic is a chemical compound that can be found in water and if this is not removed, it can be dangerous. Arsenic can cause skin, bladder as well as liver cancer. This substance usually finds their way to the residential water supply from natural deposits or from agricultural sources. It can be hard to trace them but if you do, make sure that you prevent consuming it.

There are affordable ways to remove arsenic but these can only present temporary solutions. With the help of your water supplier, you can seek for a more permanent solution. It is imperative to get rid of arsenic since they can be dangerous to you and your family’s health. Here are some of the things that you can do to remove arsenic from your drinking water:

Install a drinking water filter

If you would like to know if the water you have in supply is contaminated with arsenic, you can use an arsenic test kit. These kits are priced from $15 to $30. The results of which can be obtained within 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can contact your local water company and have them check the arsenic level in your area.

You can also try looking for arsenic contamination by researching more about the town and check where old mines and tailings are located and also check if there are records to identify whether the location has been exposed to arsenic based pesticides.

If you have seen traces of arsenic from your drinking water, you should act upon it immediately. You can install affordable filters that you can install on the faucet which is certified by NSF. This organization certifies equipment used for food and products safety. You should also change the filter every now and then to make sure that the integrity of the water is intact.

Water distillation

Another method of getting rid of arsenic from water is through water distillation. There are a lot of water distillation procedures that can be done but a simple distillation can be performed. A distillation apparatus consists of a couple of round bottomed flasks and are connected by a hollow horizontal tube which is known as the condenser.

The liquid is heated in the flask and it causes to form vapor and the liquid is then turned to the other flask. This is a long process that involves several hours of distillation, but it is considered to be a very effective method.

Contact the local water supplier

Aside from having them check the amount of arsenic present in your area, you can also report to the local water supplier about the issue. It is guaranteed that they will do something about the condition of the water. Arsenic can incur permanent damages to a person’s body and it is the supplier’s responsibility to make sure that the water is safe to be consumed. While the issue is being resolved, you can opt to drink distilled water purchased from stores or from refilling stations.

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