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How to Get Rid of Artillery Fungus

There are a lot of specimens living on this planet that nature intended to grow even without human intervention. This is why the forest exists and this is the reason why they have survived long before humans have become the dominant species on this planet. Fungus has been one of the oldest, earliest living organisms that inhabited this planet. They grow almost anywhere, and chances are they can be growing just outside of your house.

You may notice little brown spots on the side of your house or even your cars and they may look like dirt. In reality though, chances are they are artillery fungus. They stick to the walls and although they will not destroy your house or property, they can be a pain to remove since attempting to do so may cause minor scrapes to the surface where it clings to.

But surely there are methods of removal that you can do to guarantee that the artillery fungus is removed safely and effectively. The procedure that you need to follow doesn’t involve heavy workload but rather, it requires patience and understanding of the scenario. Some of the things that you can do are listed below:

Pick the right tools for the job

The very first thing that you need to do when cleaning up or removing artillery fungus is you need to make sure that you have picked the right tools for the task. You can use a brush, steel wool or even a scraper. Just be sure that the tools that you will be using will not do more damage than the fungus that grew on the wall.

After brushing the fungi off of the surface, you may notice small spots in place of the fungi. Once you have found these, you will need to use ink eraser to remove it. You can also use mild soap and water for rinsing as this will aid in making the stains fade in color. Go over the spots more than once until the stain has been removed completely.

Remove sources

If you keep on attempting to remove the artillery fungus over and over again, well you just have to remove them over and over again, until you get rid of the source of the problem. Artillery fungus comes from a lot of sources and one of them can be the organic mulch. If you have mulch at least 20 feet from where the fungus is growing, then that is your problem right there.

You can remove the organic mulch from its current location or you can purchase inorganic mulch as a replacement. The spores usually colonize the organic mulch and these spores can travel through the air. Also, try to find rotting wood or other organic matter that may be harboring spores.

Get rid of moisture

It is almost certain that when moisture lingers in one location, things would start growing in it. The same can be said for artillery fungus as they grow where there is moisture. After rain poured down, you should check around your house for different spots where moisture is building up. These spots may not dry for long periods of time because of plenty of reasons such as they are hidden from the sun or not enough air flow moves around them.

Make sure that you deal with this problem immediately and attempt to dry it out. If the area is not exposed to the sun, you can use dry towels to absorb excessive moisture and use an electric fan to allow it to dry.

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