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How to Get Rid of Ascaris

There are a lot of ways a person can get ill. With our body being exposed to different elements, you can expect to feel weakened by the different factors that can affect us. There are illnesses that are self inflicted but there are others caused by other organisms that live inside the body. These organisms are known as parasites and they cause the host serious ailments since they are not supposed to be in or on the host.

Roundworms are probably one of the most common parasites that can live inside a host. The scary part is that they can live inside the intestines of a human being. Ascaris is a type of parasitic roundworm which can lay up to 200000 eggs per day. Just thinking about that though can send chills up your spine. Imagine, worms…inside…our body. Enough said.

The fortunate thing is that these type of worms can be removed from the body. There are several methods in fact that can save you from having too much worms that you may have to undergo surgery to remove them. This is the reason why ascariasis should be treated in its early stage. You can follow the list below if you want to rid your body of ascaris:

Have your stool checked

If you have ascaris, it may be possible to identify the condition through a various of symptoms. However, these symptoms are similar to other illnesses so your best bet is to have your stool checked. There are laboratories that can do this for you. All you have to do is to submit a specimen or stool sample and you will get the results telling you if you have parasites in your intestines.

Get yourself checked by a doctor

If you have confirmed through laboratory tests that you have ascaris, do not self medicate since this can be a serious matter. What you need to do next is to bring the test results to a doctor and seek their guidance. Even the lab people would tell you if it’s an alarming situation, and they will still direct you to a physician. The doctor may ask you to undergo other tests but this all depends to what the condition is. Although you can guarantee that the doctor will be able to provide appropriate prescriptions that can help remove the worms from the body.

Get the medicines that you need

Once you have obtained the doctor’s prescription, you will have to show this to the pharmacy where you will buy the medicine. Remember that the medicines involved when dealing with ascaris are potent and they cannot be easily obtained over the counter. Make sure that you follow the doctor’s orders and buy the right amount of medicine good for the duration suggested by the doctor.

After you have completed the medication, you will need to go back to the doctor for further check up. The doctor may again ask you to undergo laboratory test by re submitting stool samples that will be checked once again.

Keep it clean

The main reason why people get ascaris is due to lack of proper sanitation. So whatever you do, make sure that your surrounding is clean and the food that you eat is properly prepared. Cleanliness prevents parasites such as ascaris from entering your body which can save you the trouble of getting ill and treated.

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