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How to Get Rid of Ashy Elbows

There are people that can be sensitive with the way they look. Sometimes it is hard to avoid feeling embarrassed if there are people that would literally point out any flaws you have. Most of this happens when we have skin condition, especially if said condition is exposed to the public and can be seen by the naked eye. The skin is literally exposed to different elements and you can expect to see irregularities every now and then.

There are cases when you see a person’s elbow that seem to be really dry and there is flaking involved. This condition is known as ashy elbow. Ashy elbows can be an embarrassing problem, most especially since you don’t see your elbows and people can be talking behind your back. Ashy elbows can be a result of dried skin, but there are cases when there is an underlying condition that makes ashy elbows occurs.

Although this condition is not life threatening, the humiliation it can bring to you is insurmountable and this is why you need to make sure that you treat it. Skin care is utmost priority when dealing with ashy elbows and you need to maintain the healthiness of the skin to guarantee that this condition does not pester you. Here are some of the things that you can do to get rid of ashy elbows:

Routine skin care can prevent this condition

Time and again it has been said that prevention is better than the cure. The realization can’t hit harder once you have this condition. See, most people have a routine skin care involving their faces since this is the first thing that people would notice in a person. Because of the attention the face gets, other parts of the body are neglected, and we often forget about the elbows.

Just think about it, when was the last time you looked at your elbow or the last time that you applied any moisturizer to it? Probably just now after reading that question. Like the other parts of the body, regular skin care should be given to the elbows so it wouldn’t dry up appearing as if there’s dandruff on it.

Apply moisturizers to the elbow area

As mentioned earlier, you must maintain a skin care routine for your elbows. You can do this simply by applying moisturizer daily on it. As a matter of fact, you may be using one of the most well known moisturizers that exist today, lotion. Lotion has become an integral part of body care over the years. Gone are the days when you can literally see drought on the skin’s surface.  The main thing to remember is that, after you take a bath, apply lotion to every part of the body, including the elbow. This will moisturize the area and will avoid flaking. Doing this everyday can guarantee ash free elbows.

Exfoliate your skin

So you heard the word exfoliate and it is guaranteed that the first thing that you thought of is your face. Forget about the face for the meantime, exfoliation can be done on different parts of the body including your elbows. When exfoliating, the dead skin cells that composes the ashy elbows will be removed as the first layer of skin is peeled away. Exfoliation can be done at least every once a month since you can maintain the skin with daily moisturizing.

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