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How to Get Rid of Ashy Knees

There are parts of our body that we take for granted. These are the parts that are there, but we simply choose to neglect them or give them very little attention. When we do this, the neglecting part, these body parts often obtain undergoes changes and most of the time it is a change for the worse. Take for example neglected knees, you will notice that if you don’t take care of the skin covering your knees, you will see that they will darken or become flaky.\

When your knees become flaky, there will be white skin peelings that you will notice and this condition is known as having ashy knees. An ashy knee is often a result of dead skin cells that the body is rejecting. When you have ashy knees, it can be embarrassing to wear short shorts or skirts that would expose the condition. It should be noted that there are underlying causes that can result in having ashy knees but most of the time it’s just a case of your skin getting dry.

Having ashy knees is not a condition that you want to linger on your body. Other than the fact that it can be embarrassing, the condition can worsen which would lead to drier knees. There are different ways to remove ashy knees and to help you get rid of this condition, you can follow the steps provided below to better understand what you can do:

Make sure that you don’t forget about them

If you get ashy knees and you start wondering how you get them, you should ask yourself whether or not you have been paying attention to it. If you feel that you have neglected your knees, then you shouldn’t wonder any longer. You may have guessed that the answer lies within what you do to your knees, or lack thereof.

When you think of skin care, most of the time you think about your hands and face, never the jointed parts. Often forgotten are the knees or the elbows. If you have routine skin care for your face and hand, you should do the same with your knees. Never forget that ashy knees develop over time which means you are given a lot of time to try and prevent this condition from ever occurring.

Moisturizers go a long way     

If you feel that those TV commercials about lotions and other moisturizers do not represent the products well, then think again. These products are made to moisturize your skin, which can help prevent dryness. The effect of these products last for a long time and when used daily, can give additional benefits to the skin giving you a vibrant and healthy skin. You may ask when the best time is to apply lotions or moisturizers on. You will notice that your skin dries after you take a bath, especially if you use soap. You can apply lotion after you have taken a bath or preferably to avoid getting dry skin during a shower, you should use moisturizers instead of soap.

Use exfoliating products

The skin is made up of several layers and the first layer is what gets in contact with the outside world. This is what people usually see. Ashy knees are usually caused by dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This is the reason why you should exfoliate. Exfoliating your skin guarantees that the outermost layer of the skin will be peeled, revealing a fresher and healthier skin free from ashy appearance.

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