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How to Get Rid of Asian Carp

Whenever there is an overwhelming presence of a certain species, they are almost guaranteed to overcome the current species living in a particular habitat. When this happens, the ecosystem is damaged and there is an imbalance with it which usually leads to reduction of other species’ population or even extinction. Much is the case with fishes, there are some that can be very invasive and it tends to damage what was established in an area in the first place.

Just look at Asian carps. These fishes were introduced in the American waters around 30 years ago. They have a huge appetite, as a matter of fact they can eat as much as their own weight. They were brought to control algae and catfish farms in the South; but due to flooding, they were washed up in different parts of the lake and have reproduced like crazy. Aside from vegetation, they also eat younglings of other fishes which makes them dominant.

Like any other invasive species though, there is always an option to get rid of them. Asian carps can reproduce in great numbers and you will have no doubt have bigger problems the longer you have them in the waters. There is no way to get rid of Asian carps but doing something is better than not doing anything. To find out more about ways to get rid of them, here are some of the things that you can follow:

Isolation can greatly reduce their presence

If you are being tasked to look after a reservoir, this is probably one of the things that should do to make sure that the number of Asian carps in the waters do not increase any further. Find a spot in the water that’s stagnant. If you are not aware, Asian carps can only mate in moving waters and keeping the water as still as possible, you will be able to prevent them from mating.

Once you have found this area in the reservoir, you will need to attract the Asian carps here. Canned corn is one of the best baits which can attract Asian carps. Once you are able to do this, you can watch in wonder as Asian carps go to that particular spot and this is the time that you isolate them. This is actually hitting two birds with one stone since you prevent them from reproducing and at the same time, you stop them from killing other fish and vegetation

Use scientific methods

There are different scientific methods that you can perform to capture Asian carps. Although you should take note that when doing some of these steps since it can affect the other fishes in the same waters. A perfect example is using electricity to shock the fishes. There is a generator that you can use which stops that fish from moving. Once the fish stops moving, they will float in the water like dead fishes. This method doesn’t kill the fish but rather they just cease moving momentarily. When they float on the surface, this gives you enough time to capture them with a net.

Drain the reservoir

If the presence of Asian carps greatly outnumber the other fishes, it may be wise to drain the reservoir and salvage the remaining non carp fishes. Remember to do this as a last resort if the condition is as what was mentioned above.

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