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How To Get Rid Of Baby Bottles

Almost every parent will have to deal with their baby’s transition period to a little toddler. This phase is very crucial because you will have to teach your baby to get rid of his baby habits in order for him to become more mature. This means you need to stop him from using baby stuffs like baby bottles – which is one of the hardest things to take away from your child­­.

Because of the dependence that your child might have developed towards his baby bottles, it may be a big pain to get rid of baby bottles. You will need to endure the pain of seeing you child cry to sleep just because you cannot allow him to have what he wants.

Do the cold turkey technique

Sometimes, you just have to directly tell your child that the baby bottles are going away. This is not really the friendliest method to get rid of baby bottles. This might be effective, depending on the personality of your child. If he seems to be too clingy, the cold turkey might just fail and make him throw tantrums a lot.  But if he is the type to listen to you, you will not have any problems using this technique.

Basically, the cold turkey method may be done harshly and nicely. Of course, if you are a parent, you will choose the nicer approach. But there is more possibility that you will just end up being sympathetic about your child’s condition when you choose to be nice. The harsh cold turkey method requires you to get rid of all the baby bottles at home and when your child asks about his bottles, you need to explain firmly that there will be no more bottle feeding. On the other hand, with the lesser cold turkey approach, you can let your child say his farewell to the bottles first before you throw them away on the dumps. Whether you choose the harsh or nice way, chances are your child will still get upset about saying goodbye to his bottles. You just have to stand firm and never give in even though your child cries an ocean.

Give the baby bottle during sleep time only

While abruptly taking away baby bottles may work, sometimes, it is better to get rid of bottle feeding gradually. This will help your baby to be more understanding about the situation. Convince him that bottles are only for sleep time and if he wants to drink his milk other than bedtime or naptime, he should use the tippy cup or other drinking container for kids.

Use alternatives

When your baby has reached that tot years, you can exchange his baby bottles with drinking containers such as tippy cups, shot glasses, plastic egg cups, or small glasses with straw.  Some babies might find it hard using alternative containers but some actually find it fun to use “adult” drinking containers. Also, instead of just giving him milk, you can now start serving him so flavored drinks such as chocolate milk and even fruit juices. In order to avoid making him attached to his container, you should alternately use different containers every day.

Exchange for a reward

A very effective way to make your child let go of his baby bottles is to give him a reward. Find out what your child wants and exchange this item for his bottles. Giving him something that he longs for will divert his attachment to his baby bottles.

Consult a pediatrician

If you are running out of ideas on how to convince your baby to let go of his bottles, you can ask the help of a pediatrician.

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